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Table of Contents
VLSI-SoC: Technologies for Systems Integration
Jürgen Becker, Marcelo Johann, Ricardo Reis
Book Front Matter
Emerging Technologies and Nanoscale Computing Fabrics
Ian O’connor, Junchen Liu, Jabeur Kotb, Nataliya Yakymets, Renaud Daviot, David Navarro, Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon, Fabien Clermidy, Maïmouna Amadou, Gabriela Nicolescu
Enhancing Electromagnetic Attacks using Spectral Coherence based Cartography
Amine Dehbaoui, Victor Lomné, Philippe Maurine, Lionel Torres, Michel Robert
Challenges and Emerging Technologies for System Integration beyond the End of the Roadmap of Nano-CMOS
Sergio Bampi, Ricardo Reis
Thermal Modeling and Management of Liquid-Cooled 3D Stacked Architectures
Ayşe Coşkun, José Ayala, David Atienza, Tajana Rosing
Performance and Energy Evaluation of Memory Organizations in NoC-Based MPSoCs under Latency and Task Migration
Gustavo Girão, Daniel Barcelos, Flávio Wagner
Crosstalk Fault Tolerant NoC: Design and Evaluation
Alzemiro Lucas, Alexandre Amory, Fernando Moraes
From Assertion-based Verification to Assertion-based Synthesis
Y. Oddos, K. Morin-Allory, D. Borrione
Power Macro-Modeling Using an Iterative LS-SVM Method
António Gusmão, Luis Miguel Silveira, José Monteiro
A Multistep Extrapolated S-Parameter Model for Arbitrary On-Chip Interconnect Structures
Petru Bacinschi, Manfred Glesner
Techniques for Architecture Design for Binary Arithmetic Decoder Engines Based on Bitstream Flow Analysis
Dieison Deprá, Sergio Bampi


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