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Advances in Production Management Systems. Initiatives for a Sustainable World
Irenilza Nääs, Oduvaldo Vendrametto, João Reis, Rodrigo Gonçalves, Márcia Silva, Gregor Cieminski, Dimitris Kiritsis
Front Matter

Computational Intelligence in Production Managements

Determination of Operating Parameters and Performance Analysis of Computer Networks with Paraconsistent Annotated Evidential Logic Eτ
Avelino Pimenta Junior, Jair Abe, Genivaldo Silva
Logical Decision-Making Method Relating to Innovation Management
Nélio Reis, Priscila Tavares, Cristina Oliveira, Jair Abe
IT Incident Management and Analysis Using Non-classical Logics
Priscila Tavaves, Liliam Sakamoto, Genivaldo Silva, Jair Abe, Avelino Pimenta Jr.
Hierarchical Clustering Based on Reports Generated by Scriptlattes
Wonder Alves, Saulo Santos, Pedro Schimit
Using Logic Concepts on Six Sigma
Caique Kirilo, Jair Abe, Luiz Lozano, Renato Parreira, Eduardo Dacorso

Intelligent Manufacturing Systems

A Method Towards Modelling and Analysis of Semantically-Enriched Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems
Damiano Arena, Dimitris Kiritsis
A Communication Procedure Between Tactical and Operational Levels in Spare Parts Supply Chains
Matheus Pires, Enzo Frazzon, Ann-Kristin Cordes, Bernd Hellingrath
Digital Factories for Capability Modeling and Visualization
Farhad Ameri, Ramin Sabbagh
Learning Analytics Deployment at an University
Elisângela Moraes, Márcia Silva
Relationship Networks: Social Innovation and Earnings for Companies
Marcelo Okano, Oduvaldo Vendrametto, Marcelo Fernandes, Osmildo Santos

Knowledge-Based PLM

Environmental Support for Dilution of Pollutants from Broiler Production and Aquaculture in Brazil
Silvia Bonilla, Helton Silva, Robson Faustino, Irenilza Alencar Nääs, Nilsa Duarte
Water Usage Charge in Brazil: Emergy Donor-Side Approach for Calculating Water Costs
Helton Silva, Silvia Bonilla
Combining Genetic Algorithm with Constructive and Refinement Heuristics for Solving the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
Stanley Lima, Renato Santos, Sidnei Araujo, Pedro Schimit
Container Crane Controller with the Use of a NeuroFuzzy Network
Ricardo Ferreira, Andréa Martiniano, Arthur Ferreira, Marcio Romero, Renato Sassi
Agility Challenges in Finnish Manufacturing Companies – Manufacturing Operations Management Viewpoint
Eeva Järvenpää, Minna Lanz, Eemeli Lammervo
Improving Process Management in a Water Treatment Plant Using Control Modelling
Cleber Dias, Fábio Santos, André Librantz, Cristiano Sousa, Luiz Silva
An Integrative Model of Productivity and Logistic Objectives
Robert Glöckner, Martin Benter, Hermann Lödding
Pursuit of Responsiveness in SMEs Through Dynamic Allocation of Flexible Workers: A Simulation Study
Sayyed Shoaib-Ul-Hasan, Marco Macchi, Alessandro Pozzetti
Effectiveness of Production Planning and Control (PPC) in a Baby Fashion Cluster, Under the Prism of Paraconsistent Logic
Elizangela Lima, Fabio Papalardo, Jose Sacomano, Priscila Tavares, Esdras Barboza
Dynamic Seed Genetic Algorithm to Solve Job Shop Scheduling Problems
Flávio Grassi, Pedro Schimit, Fabio Pereira

Modelling of Business and Operational Processes

Strategic Portfolios for the Integral Design of Value-Added Networks
Paul Schönsleben, Manuel Rippel
Selecting a Notation to Modeling Business Process: A Systematic Literature Review of Technics and Tools
Marcelo Araújo, Rodrigo Gonçalves
Workforce Planning Models for Distribution Center Operations
Athul Krishna, Vittaldas Prabhu
An Application of Operations Research for Reducing Fuel Costs
João Maiellaro, João Reis, Alexandre Formigoni, Robson Santos, Marcos Oliveira, Celso Jacubavicius
The Profile of High-Tech Start-Ups: An Approach by the Prism of Graphical Analysis of Network Relations
Diego Rodrigues, Jose Sacomano, Nilo Serpa, Demesio Sousa
AHP Modelling and Sensitivity Analysis for Evaluating the Criticality of Software Programs
André Librantz, Fábio Santos, Cleber Dias, Adriana Cunha, Ivanir Costa, Mauro Mesquita Spinola
A Comparative Analysis Between BPMN and ISO 19440 Modeling Language Constructs
Ângela Rochetti, Renato Campos
Applying the Paraconsistent Annotated Evidential Logic Eτ in a Solar Tracker for Photovoltaic Panels: An Analytical Approach
Álvaro Prado, Marcelo Nogueira, Jair Abe, Ricardo Machado

Virtual, Digital and Smart Factory

Reflections on Identity Management in Smart Industry: The Paradox of Theseus’ Ship and Beyond
Hans Wortmann, Wico Mulder
The Importance of Timely Feedback to Interactivity in Online Education
Esdras Barboza, Márcia Silva

Flexible, Sustainable Supply Chains

Assessment of Structural Qualities of Production Systems
Ulf Bergmann, Matthias Heinicke
The Introduction Process of Low-Volume Products: Challenges and Potentials of Information Management
Siavash Javadi, Mads Bejlegaard, Ann-Louise Andersen, Jessica Bruch

Large-Scale Supply Chains

A Simulation Based Approach to Investigate the Procurement Process and Its Effect on the Performance of Supply Chains
Volker Stich, Daniel Pause, Matthias Blum, Nina Hinrichs
Sensor Triggered Replacement of Spare Parts: Customer Service Process Innovation
Muztoba Khan, Gabriela Rozati, Thorsten Wuest

Sustainable Manufacturing

Human-Centric Manufacturing Workplaces: Aiming at Increasing Attractiveness and User Experience
Paola Fantini, Marta Pinzone, Marco Taisch, Jaume Altesa
Comparing Techniques for Selecting Automation Technology
Erlend Alfnes, Maria Thomassen, Marthe Bostad

Quality in Production Management

Customization Process of the Process for the Development of Embedded Components for the Aerospace Industry
Magda Miyashiro, Maurício Ferreirao, Mauro Spínola, Marcelo Pessoa, Rodrigo Gonçalves
Base and Extended One-Dimensional Warranties Analyses for Remanufactured Products
Ammar Alqahtani, Surendra Gupta
Sustainable Economic Development and High Quality Engineering Education: Correlating Factors in Brazil’s Macro Regions
Vitor Caldana, Márcia Silva
Evaluation of Additive Manufacturing Processes in Fabrication of Personalized Robot
Shushu Wang, Rakshith Badarinath, El-Amine Lehtihet, Vittaldas Prabhu
Retail Tactical Planning: An Aligned Process?
Heidi Dreyer, Iskra Dukovska-Popovska, Kasper Kiil, Riikka Kaipia
Influence of Quality and Productivity on Milk Production Sustainability: From an Anthropocentric to an Ecocentric View
Max Oliveira, Feni Agostinho, Cecília Almeida, Biagio Giannetti
Innovation and Quality
Pedro Oliveira Costa Neto, Marcos Oliveira Morais
Health Tourism as an Inducer of Economic and Social Development in Teresina City
Átila Lira, Herbert Espuny, Pedro Oliveira costa neto, Reinaldo Araújo Lopes
Mitigating Serialization and Traceability, a Study on the Strategies for the Implementation of the System and Adaptation to the TBR n$${^\mathrm{o}}.$$ 54 2013
André Lira Muniz, Debora Correa, Jair Abe, Fábio Do Amaral, Lauro Tomiatti
Theoretical Framework of Performance Indicators with BSC for the Private Higher Education Institution
Átila Melo Lira, Irenilza Näas

Collaborative Systems

System Thinking and Business Model Canvas for Collaborative Business Models Design
Sergio Pereira, Franciele Medina, Rodrigo Gonçalves, Márcia Silva
An Investigation to Manufacturing Analytical Services Composition Using the Analytical Target Cascading Method
Kai-Wen Tien, Boonserm Kulvatunyou, Kiwook Jung, Vittaldas Prabhu
ERP Systems and BSC in the Operations Management: An Analysis of Results by Companies
Celso Couto, Oduvaldo Vendrametto, Pedro Neto, Marcos Morais, Antônio Brejão
Toward a Matching Approach to Support CBM (Collaborative Business Model) Processes Between Regional Entrepreneurs Within the RIS3 Policy
Jérémie Faham, Maxime Daniel, Jérémy Legardeur
RFID Integration for Material Management Considering Engineering Changes in ETO Industry
Quan Yu, Pavan Sriram, Erlend Alfnes, Jan Strandhagen

Innovation and Collaborative Networks

Improving the Sustainability of SOA Providers’ Networks via a Collaborative Process Innovation Model
João Santanna-Filho, Ricardo Rabelo, Peter Bernus, Alexandra Pereira-Klen
Theoretical Models to Classify the Type of Interorganizational Networks in Productive Systems
Marcelo Okano, Oduvaldo Vendrametto, Marcelo Fernandes, Osmildo Santos, Marcos Oliveira
Business Model Innovation in State-Owned and Private-Owned Enterprises in China
Yan Li, Maria Holgado, Steve Evans
Analysis of Inter-firm Co-operation in Joint Research and Development Projects
Matti Majuri, Hasse Nylund, Minna Lanz
The Identification of the Professional Profile that Uses Canvas Approach
Irapuan Glória Júnior, Rodrigo Gonçalves
Sustainable Development Within Enterprise Architecture
Daniel Alves, Renato Campos, Fernando Souza

Agrifood Supply Chains

Effects of Price and Transportation Costs in Soybean Trade
João Reis, Pedro Amorim, José Cabral
Effects of the Logistics in the Volume of Soybean by Export Corridor of Mato Grosso
Rodrigo Toloi, João Reis, Oduvaldo Vendrametto, Sivanilza Machado, Valdir Morales
Performance Assessment for a Sustainable Supply Chain at Local Level
Leticia Prevez, Biagio Giannetti, Cecilia Almeida, Feni Agostinho
Food Supply Chain - Sustainability in Small Milk Industry
Simone Beux, Arcione Viagi, Roberto Panizzolo, Martino Cassandro, Nina Waszczynskyj
Post-Harvest Soybean Loss During Truck Transport: A Case Study of Piaui State, Brazil
Paola Medeiros, Irenilza Nääs, Oduvaldo Vendrametto, Mathilde Soares

Production Economics

Cost Modelling Approach for the Source Specific Evaluation of Alternative Manufacturing Networks
Christina Reuter, Jan-Philipp Prote, Torben Schmitz
Effects of Transport Infrastructure in the Economic Development
José Luz, João Reis, Fábio Araújo Leite, Karmem Araújo, Gorthon Moritz
Contributions of the Program Inovar-Auto to the Automotive Manufacturers in Brazil
Nivaldo Palmeri, Oduvaldo Vendrametto, João Reis, Rosangela Kronig

Lean Manufacturing

Supermarkets vs. FIFO Lanes: A Comparison of Work-in-Process Inventories and Delivery Performance
Denis Wiesse, Christoph Roser
Lean Manufacturing and Sustainability: An Integrated View
Barbara Resta, Stefano Dotti, Paolo Gaiardelli, Albachiara Boffelli
Direction of the Bottleneck in Dependence on Inventory Levels
Carolin Romeser, Christoph Roser

Cyber-Physical (IIoT) Technology Deployments in Smart Manufacturing Systems, an SM & CPPS SIG Workshop Session

The Operator 4.0: Human Cyber-Physical Systems & Adaptive Automation Towards Human-Automation Symbiosis Work Systems
David Romero, Peter Bernus, Ovidiu Noran, Johan Stahre, Åsa Fast-Berglund
Supporting the Requirements Elicitation Process for Cyber-Physical Product-Service Systems Through a Gamified Approach
Stefan Wiesner, Jannicke Hauge, Florian Haase, Klaus-Dieter Thoben

Smart Manufacturing System Characterization, an SM & CPPS SIG Workshop Session

Applications of the Factory Design and Improvement Reference Activity Model
Sangsu Choi, Gyhun Kang, Kiwook Jung, Boonserm Kulvatunyou, Kc Morris
An Overview of a Smart Manufacturing System Readiness Assessment
Kiwook Jung, Boonserm Kulvatunyou, Sangsu Choi, Michael Brundage
Applying Gamification for Developing Formal Knowledge Models: Challenges and Requirements
Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge, Stefan Wiesner, Ioana Stefan, Antoniu Stefan, Klaus-Dieter Thoben

Knowledge Management in Production Systems

Workers’ Perspective About Organizational Climate in Knowledge Management: Automotive Assembly-Line Case
Indira Rodriguez, Aline Garcia, Suelen Morais, Jorge Muniz Jr., Timothy Munyon
ERP Software Quality Using Paraconsistent Logic
Priscila Tavaves, Jair Abe, Genivaldo Silva, Avelino Pimenta Jr.
A Structured Outsourcing Procedure
Maria Mogos, Børge Sjøbakk, Erlend Alfnes
The Need for Knowledge Management When Backsourcing is Embraced
Bella Nujen, Rickard Damm

Service-Oriented Architecture for Smart Manufacturing System, an SM & CPPS SIG Workshop Session

Industrial IoT Gateway with Machine Learning for Smart Manufacturing
Tomáš Lojka, Martin Miškuf, Iveta Zolotová
The Paradigm Shift in Smart Manufacturing System Architecture
Yan Lu, Frank Riddick, Nenad Ivezic
A Hybrid Method for Manufacturing Text Mining Based on Document Clustering and Topic Modeling Techniques
Peyman Shotorbani, Farhad Ameri, Boonserm Kulvatunyou, Nenad Ivezic

Advances in Cleaner Production

A Thermal System Based on Controlled Entropy for Treatment of Medical Waste by Solar Energy
Nilo Serpa, Ivanir Costa, Rodrigo Gonçalves
Analysis of the Polyethylene Terephthalate Production Chain: An Approach Based on the Emergy Synthesis
Gustavo Bustamante, Biagio Giannetti, Feni Agostinho, Cecília Almeida
Urban Solid Waste: An Analysis of Energy Recovery Efficiency Three Different Treatment Systems in Brazil
Geslaine Frimaio, Adrielle Frimaio, Cezar Frimaio, Cecília Almeida
Naphtha Production Assessment from the Perspective of the Emergy Accounting
G. Bustamante, B. Giannetti, F. Agostinho, Márcia Silva, C. Almeida
Economic and Environmental Advantages of Rubber Recycling
Geraldo Oliveira Neto, Henrricco Tucci, Luiz Pinto, Ivanir Costa, Roberto Leite
Energy Efficiency and Global Warming Potential of a Wind-Energy Complex at Brazilian Piauí State
Márcio Costa, Feni Agostinho, Cecília Almeida, Biagio Giannetti

Sustainable Production Management - Which Approaches Work in Practice?

Production Planning and Control: The Dissemination Tool of the Operation Strategy
Walter Satyro, Jose Sacomano, Jose Contador
Solar Water Heating: Possibilities of Use in Industrial Processes in Brazil
Etevaldo Carreira Junior, Walter Satyro, Jose Sacomano, José Contador
Strategic Factors to Obtain Competitive Advantage in Industries that Compete in Environmental Sustainability
Walter Satyro, Jose Sacomano, José Contador
Approaches for the Integration of the Social and Environmental Dimensions of Sustainability in Manufacturing Companies
Paul Schönsleben, Felix Friemann, Manuel Rippel
An Emergy Environmental Accounting-Based Study of Different Biofuel Production Systems
Maria Freitas Bueno, Cecília Almeida, Feni Agostinho, Sérgio Ulgiati, Biagio Giannetti
Managing the Socially Sustainable Global Manufacturing Network
Paul Schönsleben, Felix Friemann, Manuel Rippel
Mapping a Value Stream with the Perspective of Sustainability
Veronica Lindström, Niklas Ingesson

Operations Management in Engineer-to-Order Manufacturing

Buyer–Supplier Information Sharing in ETO
Espen Rød, Mikhail Shlopak, Gabriele Junge, Erlend Alfnes
Developing Supplier Strategies for ETO Companies: A Case Study
Mikhail Shlopak, Espen Rød, Oddmund Oterhals
Categorizing Engineer-to-Order Companies Through Their Project Execution Strategy
Kristina Kjersem, Gabriele Jünge
Improving Planning Process for ETO-Projects: A Case Study
Kristina Kjersem, Gabriele Jünge
A Framework for Lean Flow in Turbulent High-Variety Low-Volume Manufacturing Environments
Erik Gran, Erlend Alfnes, Maria Thomassen
Commercial Vehicle Production Flexibility Factors
Luis Oliveira Nascimento, Jorge Muniz Jr., Henrique Rocha



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