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Advances in Production Management Systems: Innovative and Knowledge-Based Production Management in a Global-LocalWorld (Part II)
Bernard Grabot, Bruno Vallespir, Samuel Gomes, Abdelaziz Bouras, Dimitris Kiritsis (Eds.)
Front Matter

Knowledge-Based Sustainability

Cleaner Production Evaluation Model: Multiple Case Study in the Plastic Industry
Dalton Buccelli, Pedro Oliveira Costa Neto
Green IT and Waste Paper in Governmental Institutions: The Proposal of the Infotercio Financial Model
Nilo Serpa, Ivanir Costa, Rodrigo Gonçalves
The Green IT Certification Ruled by the Infotercio Financial Model
Nilo Serpa, Ivanir Costa, Diego Rodrigues, Rodrigo Gonçalves
Project and Work Organization in Solidarity Economy: A first Approach According to Production Engineering
Nilo Serpa, Ivanir Costa, Oduvaldo Vendrametto, Luiz Oliveira Costa Neto
Agribusiness, Agrienergy and Leadership: The Coaching as a Tool to Guide Talents
Nilo Serpa, Bruna Sá, Ivanir Costa, Oduvaldo Vendrametto
A Multi-objective Mathematical Model Considering Economic and Social Criteria in Dynamic Cell Formation
Farzad Niakan, Armand Baboli, Thierry Moyaux, Valerie Botta-Genoulaz
Brazilian Consumers’ Preference towards Pork
Sivanilza Machado, Irenilza Alencar Nääs, João Reis, Oduvaldo Vendrametto
The Behavioural Effects of Extreme Events in Global Supply Chains
John Tainton, Masaru Nakano
Lean and Green – Synergies, Differences, Limitations, and the Need for Six Sigma
Jose Garza-Reyes, Gabriela Winck Jacques, Ming Lim, Vikas Kumar, Luis Rocha-Lona
Small and Medium Enterprises in Brazil: A Comprehensive Study of the Manager’s View of the Business
Fabio Papalardo, L. Meirelles, José Sacomano, Jayme Aranha Machado
The Concept of Sustainability in View of Micro, Small and Medium Brazilian Companies
Claudio Meirelles, José Sacomano, Fabio Papalardo
Energy Simulation for the Integration of Virtual Power Plants into Production Planning
Volker Stich, Ulrich Brandenburg, Julian Krenge
Sustainability in Manufacturing Operations Scheduling: Stakes, Approaches and Trends
Damien Trentesaux, Vittal Prabhu
Reverse Logistics of Information and Communication Technology Equipment: A Comparative Assessment of Laws and Programs
Marinalva Barboza, Rodrigo Gonçalves, Enrico D’onofrio, Ivanir Costa
Impacts of Automakers Milk Run Collect System on Suppliers Planning and on Urban City Emissions
Claudia Andreatini, José Sacomano, Gilberto Gandelman
A GRASPxELS for Scheduling of Job-Shop Like Manufacturing Systems and CO2 Emission Reduction
Sylverin Kemmoe Tchomte, Nikolay Tchernev
Management Model for Micro and Small Enterprises Supported by Maslow’s Theory: An Option for Graphic Industry in Brazil
Luiz Botana, Pedro Oliveira Costa Neto
Decision Making for Sustainability: Review and Research Agenda
Mélanie Despeisse, Doroteya Vladimirova
Synergizing Lean and Green for Continuous Improvement
Rythm Wadhwa
Support for Life Cycle Decision-Making in Sustainable Manufacturing – Results of an Industrial Case Study
Teuvo Uusitalo, Jyri Hanski, Markku Reunanen, Susanna Kunttu
Variety Steering Towards Sustainability: A Coupled Evaluation and Optimization Approach
Khaled Medini, Catherine Cunha, Alain Bernard
Product Change in a Small Company: Effects on Eco-price and Global Productivity
Nilson Carvalho, Biagio Giannetti, Feni Agostinho, Cecilia Almeida
Exploring Alternatives of Accounting for Environmental Liabilities in the Company’s Balance Sheet
Fernando Bortuluzi, Feni Agostinho, Cecília Almeida, Silvia Bonilla, Biagio Gianetti
Economic and Environmental Advantage Evaluation of the Reverse Logistic Implementation in the Supermarket Retail
Geraldo Oliveira Neto, Washington Sousa
An Approach to Increase Energy Efficiency Using Shutdown and Standby Machine Modes
Apostolos Fysikopoulos, Georgios Pastras, Aikaterini Vlachou, George Chryssolouris
Environmental and Social Sustainability Practices across Supply Chain Management – A Systematic Review
Handson Pimenta, Peter Ball
The Maintenance Function in the Context of Corporate Sustainability: A Theoretical-Analytical Reflexion
José Souza, José Sacomano, Sergio Kyrillos, Francisco Milreu, Fabio Paparlado
The Effect of Coercive Power on Supply Chain Inventory Replenishment Decisions
Ramesh Guru, Amin Kaboli, Rémy Glardon
Evaluation of Sustainable Mass Customized Habitation: The Case of CAP 44
Alexande Chadeneau, Emilie Dol, Solène Martinez, Catherine Cunha
Sustainability in Manufacturing Facility Location Decisions: Comparison of Existing Approaches
Uwe Dombrowski, Christoph Riechel, Hannes Döring
Manufacturing System Design Decomposition for Sustainability
Marco Taisch, Bojan Stahl, Gokan May, Matteo Cocco
Managing Supply Chain Disturbances – Review and Synthesis of Existing Contributions
Michael Schenk, Volker Stich
A Fuzzy Multi Criteria Approach for Evaluating Sustainability Performance of Third – Party Reverse Logistics Providers
Nadine Kafa, Yasmina Hani, Abederrahman Mhamedi
Civil Construction Workers: Technical Training for Complying with a Market Demanding Sustainability
Carla Parizi, Irenilza Alencar Nääs, Sivanilza Machado, Denise Bernini
The Sustainability and Outreach of Microfinance Institutions
Jaehun Sim, Vittaldas Prabhu
A Lifecycle Data Management System Based on RFID Technology of EPC Class1 Gen2 v2
Young-Woo Kim, Jinwoo Park
Creative Economy in Solidarity Economy: A Guide for New Policies
Diego Rodrigues, Nilo Serpa, Emilly Moura, Luiz Gouveia, José Sacomano
Simulation for Sustainable Manufacturing System Considering Productivity and Energy Consumption
Hironori Hibino, Toru Sakuma, Makoto Yamaguchi
Life-Cycles and Sustainable Supply Chain
Nicolas Malhéné, Claude Pourcel
Sensitivity Analysis of Reverse Supply Chain System Performance by Using Simulation
Shigeki Umeda
Comprehensive Improvement of Industrial Energy Efficiency: Pilot Case in a European Rolling Stock Factory
Nils Weinert, Rafael Fink, Christian Mose, Friedrich Lupp, Florian Müller, Jan Fischer, Ingo Bernsdorf, Alessandro Cannata
Optimal Sizing of Energy Storage Systems for Industrial Production Plants
Simone Zanoni, Beatrice Marchi
Implications for Collaborative Development of Reverse Distribution Network: A System Perspective
Yulia Lapko, Paolo Trucco, Andrea Trianni, Cali Nuur
Importance of Risk Process in Management Software Projects in Small Companies
Marcelo Nogueira, Ricardo Machado
Production of Sustainable Electricity in Landfills: The Case of the Bandeirantes Landfill
Marise Barros Miranda Gomes, José Sacomano, Fabio Papalardo, Alexandre Silva
Cooperation as a Driver of Development and Diffusion of Environmental Innovation
Peter Higgins, Mohammad Yarahmadi
Negotiation Strategy for Economical Reuse in Closed-Loop Supply Chains
Yoshitaka Tanimizu, Kenta Matsui, Yuusuke Shimizu, Koji Iwamura, Nobuhiro Sugimura
Energy-Aware Models for Warehousing Operations
Vidyuth Anand, Seokgi Lee, Vittaldas Prabhu
Anthropocentric Workplaces of the Future Approached through a New Holistic Vision
Andrea Bettoni, Marco Cinus, Marzio Sorlini, Gókan May, Marco Taisch, Paolo Pedrazzoli
A Proposal of Consumer Driven Framework for Enabling Sustainable Production and Consumption
Jing Shao, Marco Taisch, Miguel Mier
Environmental Impact and Cost Evaluation in Remanufacturing Business Decision Support
Rossella Luglietti, Federico Magalini, Marco Taisch, Jacopo Cassina
Sustainability Assessment and Advisory in Mould&Die: Implementation Challenges and Solutions
Marzio Sorlini, Alessandro Fontana, Marino Alge, Luca Diviani, Luca Canetta, Ingo Specht
Green Virtual Enterprise Broker: Enabling Build-to-Order Supply Chains for Sustainable Customer-Driven Small Series Production
David Romero, Sergio Cavalieri, Barbara Resta
Towards a Green and Sustainable Manufacturing Planning and Control Paradigm Using APS Technology
Kenn Steger-Jensen, Heidi Dreyer, Hans-Henrik Hvolby, Ola Standhagen
A Comparison of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Vehicle Fleet Size in Green Vehicle Routing Problem
Abdelhamid Moutaoukil, Gilles Neubert, Ridha Derrouiche
The Domestication of Global XPS at Local Production Sites
Hanne Finnestrand, Kristoffer Magerøy
An Innovative Production Paradigm to Offer Customized and Sustainable Wood Furniture Solutions Exploiting the Mini-Factory Concept
Paolo Pedrazzoli, Franco Cavadini, Donatella Corti, Andrea Barni, Tommaso Luvini
Socially Sustainable Manufacturing: Exploring the European Landscape
Paola Fantini, Claudio Palasciano, Marco Taisch, Cecilia Berlin, Caroline Adams, Johan Stahre
Integrated Procurement–Disassembly Problem
Muhammad Habibi, Olga Battaïa, Van-Dat Cung, Alexandre Dolgui
Collaborative Serious Games for Awareness on Shared Resources in Supply Chain Management
Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge, Matthias Kalverkamp, Margherita Forcolin, Hans Westerheim, Marco Franke, Klaus-Dieter Thoben
The Cornerstone of Sustainability Strategy in Manufacturing Enterprises
David Opresnik, Marco Seregni, Marco Taisch
Investigating Lean Methodology for Energy Efficient Manufacturing
Alice Bush, Claudio Palasciano, Alberto Portioli Staudacher, Marco Taisch, Stefano Vitali
Stakeholder Mapping in a Collaborative Project for a Sustainable Development
Mohamed Mabrouk, Severine Sperandio, Philippe Girard
Environmental and Social Impacts of Mass Customization: An Analysis of Beginning-of-Life Phases
Golboo Pourabdollahian, Frank Steiner

Knowledge-Based Services

Capacity Planning at a Tactical Level in Hospital Departments
Agneta Larsson, Anna Fredriksson
The Influence of the Customer in Service Production
Günther Schuh, Christian Fabry, Philipp Jussen
Using a Cooking Operation Simulator to Improve Cooking Speed in a Multiproduct Japanese Cuisine Restaurant
Takeshi Shimamura, Yoshihiro Hisano, Syuichi Oura, Tomoyuki Asakawa, Toshiya Kaihara, Nobutada Fujii, Tomomi Nonaka
An Analysis of the Advantages, Challenges and Obstacles of Cloud Computing Adoption to an Academic Control System
Eduardo Zied Milian, Mauro Spinola, Rodrigo Gonçalves, André Leme Fleury
Improving Transport and Accessibility through New Communication Technologies
Jan Frick
Health Tourism in Brazil: The City of Teresina Case
Átila Lira, Herbert Espuny, Pedro Oliveira Costa Neto, Reinaldo Araujo Lopes, Josimar Oliveira
A Customer Satisfaction Model for Effective Fast Fashion Store Service
Tomomi Nonaka, Mitsuru Igarashi, Hajime Mizuyama
Innovative Solution for Distance Education in a Developing Region
Jean Cavaleiro, Elisângela Moraes, Reinaldo Araújo Lopes, Pedro Oliveira Costa Neto
Knowledge Management in Public Transportation: Experiences in Brazilian Bus Companies
Hélcio Raymundo, Oduvaldo Vendrametto, João Reis
Agricultural Service Center Location Problem: Concept and a MCDM Solution Approach
Morteza Zangeneh, Peter Nielsen, Asadolah Akram, Alireza Keyhani
Lean After Sales Service – An Opportunity for OEMs to Ensure Profits
Uwe Dombrowski, Constantin Malorny
Attracting Young Talents to Manufacturing: A Holistic Approach
Stefano Perini, Manuel Oliveira, Joao Costa, Dimitris Kiritsis, Poul Kyvsgaard Hansen, Loukas Rentzos, Afroditi Skevi, Hadrien Szigeti, Marco Taisch
Eco-process Engineering System for Collaborative Product Process System Optimisation
Juhani Heilala, Reino Ruusu, Jari Montonen, Saija Vatanen, Carlos Kavka, Fabio Asnicar, Sebastian Scholze, Alberto Armiojo, Mario Insunza
Reference Ontologies to Support the Development of New Product-Service Lifecycle Systems
Claire Palmer, Esmond Urwin, Jose Pinazo-Sánchez, Francisco Cid, Sonja Pajkovska-Goceva, Robert Young
Modelling Requirements in Service to PLM for Long Lived Products in the Nuclear Field
Albéric Cornière, Virginie Fortineau, Thomas Paviot, Samir Lamouri, Jean-Louis Goblet, Audrey Platon, Cécile Dutertre
Toward Manufacturing System Composability Analysis: A Use Case Scenario
Boonserm Kulvatunyou, Evan Wallace, Nenad Ivezic, Yunsu Lee
Hospital Planning Environment Variables Applied in Practice: A Multiple Danish Case Study
Vivi Nguyen, Anita Sommer, Kenn Steger-Jensen, Hans Hvolby
The Misalignment between Hospital Planning Frameworks and their Planning Environment – A Conceptual Matching Approach
Vivi Nguyen, Anita Sommer, Kenn Steger-Jensen, Hans-Henrik Hvolby
Understanding Customer Needs to Engineer Product-Service Systems
Fabiana Pirola, Giuditta Pezzotta, Daniela Andreini, Chiara Galmozzi, Alice Savoia, Roberto Pinto
Service Performance Assessment: A PI Toolset Methodology for VEs
Alessandra Carosi, Mohammadreza Heydari, Christian Zanetti, Marco Taisch, Yves Ducq
Programming Integrated Surgical Operations and Preventive Maintenance Activities
Michel Gourgand, Janvier Pensi, Alain Tanguy



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