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Table of Contents
Availability, Reliability, and Security in Information Systems
Francesco Buccafurri, Andreas Holzinger, Peter Kieseberg, A Min Tjoa, Edgar Weippl
Front Matter
Algebra of RDF Graphs for Querying Large-Scale Distributed Triple-Store
Iztok Savnik, Kiyoshi Nitta
Your Paper has been Accepted, Rejected, or Whatever: Automatic Generation of Scientific Paper Reviews
Alberto Bartoli, Andrea De Lorenzo, Eric Medvet, Fabiano Tarlao
Generic UIs for Requesting Complex Products Within Distributed Market Spaces in the Internet of Everything
Michael Hitz, Mirjana Radonjic-Simic, Julian Reichwald, Dennis Pfisterer
Diagnosis of Complex Active Systems with Uncertain Temporal Observations
Gianfranco Lamperti, Xiangfu Zhao
A Cloud-Based Prediction Framework for Analyzing Business Process Performances
Eugenio Cesario, Francesco Folino, Massimo Guarascio, Luigi Pontieri
Towards interactive Machine Learning (iML): Applying Ant Colony Algorithms to Solve the Traveling Salesman Problem with the Human-in-the-Loop Approach
Andreas Holzinger, Markus Plass, Katharina Holzinger, Gloria Crişan, Camelia-M. Pintea, Vasile Palade
A Threat to Friendship Privacy in Facebook
Francesco Buccafurri, Gianluca Lax, Serena Nicolazzo, Antonino Nocera
A Blockcipher Based Authentication Encryption
Rashed Mazumder, Atsuko Miyaji, Chunhua Su
An Efficient Construction of a Compression Function for Cryptographic Hash
Rashed Mazumder, Atsuko Miyaji, Chunhua Su
Visualization Model for Monitoring of Computer Networks Security Based on the Analogue of Voronoi Diagrams
Maxim Kolomeets, Andrey Chechulin, Igor Kotenko
Modeling Cyber Systemic Risk for the Business Continuity Plan of a Bank
Angelo Furfaro, Teresa Gallo, Domenico Saccà
Differentiating Cyber Risk of Insurance Customers: The Insurance Company Perspective
Inger Tøndel, Fredrik Seehusen, Erlend Gjære, Marie Moe
Data Anonymization as a Vector Quantization Problem: Control Over Privacy for Health Data
Yoan Miche, Ian Oliver, Silke Holtmanns, Aapo Kalliola, Anton Akusok, Amaury Lendasse, Kaj-Mikael Björk
An Open-Source Object-Graph-Mapping Framework for Neo4j and Scala: Renesca
Felix Dietze, Johannes Karoff, André Calero Valdez, Martina Ziefle, Christoph Greven, Ulrik Schroeder
Publishing Differentially Private Medical Events Data
Sigal Shaked, Lior Rokach
A Peer-to-Peer Protocol and System Architecture for Privacy-Preserving Statistical Analysis
Katerina Zamani, Angelos Charalambidis, Stasinos Konstantopoulos, Maria Dagioglou, Vangelis Karkaletsis
The Right to Be Forgotten: Towards Machine Learning on Perturbed Knowledge Bases
Bernd Malle, Peter Kieseberg, Edgar Weippl, Andreas Holzinger



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