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Advances in Production Management Systems. Towards Smart Production Management Systems
Farhad Ameri, Kathryn E. Stecke, Gregor von Cieminski, D. Kiritsis
Front Matter

Smart Supply Networks

The APMS Conference & IFIP WG5.7 in the 21st Century: A Bibliometric Study
Makenzie Keepers, David Romero, Thorsten Wuest
Price Decision Making in a Centralized/Decentralized Solid Waste Disposal Supply Chain with One Contractor and Two Disposal Facilities
Iman Ghalehkhondabi, Reza Maihami
Understanding the Impact of User Behaviours and Scheduling Parameters on the Effectiveness of a Terminal Appointment System Using Discrete Event Simulation
Mihai Neagoe, Hans-Henrik Hvolby, Mohammad Taskhiri, Paul Turner
Full-Scale Discrete Event Simulation of an Automated Modular Conveyor System for Warehouse Logistics
Alireza Ashrafian, Ole-Gunnar Pettersen, Kristian Kuntze, Jacob Franke, Erlend Alfnes, Knut Henriksen, Jakob Spone
Handling Uncertainties in Production Network Design
Günther Schuh, Jan-Philipp Prote, Andreas Gützlaff, Sebastian Henk
Supply Chain Scenarios for Logistics Service Providers in the Context of Additive Spare Parts Manufacturing
Daniel Pause, Svenja Marek
Supply Chain Optimization in the Tire Industry: State-of-the-Art
Kartika Alfina, R. Ratnayake
Collaborative Exchange of Cargo Truck Loads: Approaches to Reducing Empty Trucks in Logistics Chains
Hans-Henrik Hvolby, Kenn Steger-Jensen, Mihai Neagoe, Sven Vestergaard, Paul Turner
An Integrated Approach for Supply Chain Tactical Planning and Cash Flow Valuation
Sabah Belil, Asma Rakiz, Kawtar Retmi
UAV Set Covering Problem for Emergency Network
Youngsoo Park, Ilkyeong Moon
A Stochastic Optimization Model for Commodity Rebalancing Under Traffic Congestion in Disaster Response
Xuehong Gao
Optimal Supplier Selection in a Supply Chain with Predetermined Loading/Unloading Time Windows and Logistics Truck Share
Alireza Fallahtafti, Iman Ghalehkhondabi, Gary Weckman
Scheduling Auction: A New Manufacturing Business Model for Balancing Customization and Quick Delivery
Shota Suginouchi, Hajime Mizuyama
Passenger Transport Disutilities in the US: An Analysis Since 1990s
Helcio Raymundo, João Reis

Sustainability and Production Management

Configuring the Future Norwegian Macroalgae Industry Using Life Cycle Analysis
Jon Halfdanarson, Matthias Koesling, Nina Kvadsheim, Jan Emblemsvåg, Céline Rebours
Operationalizing Industry 4.0: Understanding Barriers of Industry 4.0 and Circular Economy
Lise Halse, Bjørn Jæger
Business Model Innovation for Eco-Efficiency: An Empirical Study
Yan Li, Steve Evans
Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG): Performance Model and Economic Analysis
Faraz Moghimi, Hamed Ghoddusi, Bahram Asiabanpour, Mahdi Behroozikhah
Life Cycle Assessment for Ordinary and Frost-Resistant Concrete
Ramin Sabbagh, Paria Esmatloo

Production Management Theory and Methodology

Simulation Based Optimization of Lot Sizes for Opposing Logistic Objectives
Janine Maier, Thomas Voß, Jens Heger, Matthias Schmidt
A Proposal of Order Planning Method with Consideration of Multiple Organizations in Manufacturing System
Ken Yamashita, Toshiya Kaihara, Nobutada Fujii, Daisuke Kokuryo, Toyohiro Umeda, Rihito Izutsu
Reduction of Computational Load in Robust Facility Layout Planning Considering Temporal Production Efficiency
Eiji Morinaga, Komei Iwasaki, Hidefumi Wakamatsu, Eiji Arai
Decision-Making Process for Buffer Dimensioning in Manufacturing
Lisa Hedvall, Joakim Wikner
Postponement Revisited – A Typology for Displacement
Fredrik Tiedemann, Joakim Wikner
Efficient Heuristic Solution Methodologies for Scheduling Batch Processor with Incompatible Job-Families, Non-identical Job-Sizes and Non-identical Job-Dimensions
M. Mathirajan, M. Ramasubramanian
Optimizing Workflow in Cell-Based Slaughtering and Cutting of Pigs
Johan Oppen
Increasing the Regulability of Production Planning and Control Systems
Günther Schuh, Philipp Wetzchewald
Possibilities and Benefits of Using Material Flow Information to Improve the Internal Hospital Supply Chain
Giuseppe Fragapane, Aili Bertnum, Jan Strandhagen
Medical Supplies to the Point-Of-Use in Hospitals
Giuseppe Fragapane, Aili Bertnum, Hans-Henrik Hvolby, Jan Strandhagen
Combining the Inventory Control Policy with Pricing and Advertisement Decisions for a Non-instantaneous Deteriorating Product
Reza Maihami, Iman Ghalehkhondabi
Assessing Fit of Capacity Planning Methods for Delivery Date Setting: An ETO Case Study
Swapnil Bhalla, Erlend Alfnes, Hans-Henrik Hvolby

Data-Driven Production Management

From a Theory of Production to Data-Based Business Models
Malte Brettel, Jan-Philipp Prote, Andreas Gützlaff, Frederick Sauermann, Katharina Thomas, Mario Piel, Günther Schuh
Real-Time Data Sharing in Production Logistics: Exploring Use Cases by an Industrial Study
Masoud Zafarzadeh, Jannicke Hauge, Magnus Wiktorsson, Ida Hedman, Jasmin Bahtijarevic
Scenarios for the Development and Use of Data Products Within the Value Chain of the Industrial Food Production
Volker Stich, Lennard Holst, Philipp Jussen, Dennis Schiemann
Bidirectional Data Management in Factory Planning and Operation
Uwe Dombrowski, Jonas Wullbrandt, Alexander Karl
Open Access Digital Tools’ Application Potential in Technological Process Planning: SMMEs Perspective
Roman Wdowik, Chandima Ratnayake

Industry 4.0 Implementations

Implementation of Industry 4.0 in Germany, Brazil and Portugal: Barriers and Benefits
Walter Satyro, Mauro Mesquita Spinola, Jose Sacomano, Márcia Silva, Rodrigo Gonçalves, Marcelo Paula Pessoa, Jose Contador, Luciano Schiavo
Planning Guideline and Maturity Model for Intra-logistics 4.0 in SME
Knut Krowas, Ralph Riedel
Self-assessment of Industry 4.0 Technologies in Intralogistics for SME’s
Martina Schiffer, Hans-Hermann Wiendahl, Benedikt Saretz
Industry 4.0 Visions and Reality- Status in Norway
Hans Torvatn, Pål Kamsvåg, Birgit Kløve
Exploring the Impact of Industry 4.0 Concepts on Energy and Environmental Management Systems: Evidence from Serbian Manufacturing Companies
Milovan Medojevic, Nenad Medic, Ugljesa Marjanovic, Bojan Lalic, Vidosav Majstorovic

Smart Factory and IIOT

Virtualization of Sea Trials for Smart Prototype Testing
Moritz Stietencron, Shantanoo Desai, Klaus-Dieter Thoben
IoH Technologies into Indoor Manufacturing Sites
Takeshi Kurata, Takashi Maehata, Hidehiko Hashimoto, Naohiro Tada, Ryosuke Ichikari, Hideki Aso, Yoshinori Ito
3D Visualization System of Manufacturing Big Data and Simulation Results of Production for an Automotive Parts Supplier
Dahye Hwang, Sang Noh

Cyber-Physical Systems

Blockchain as an Internet of Services Application for an Advanced Manufacturing Environment
Benedito Petroni, Jacqueline Reis, Rodrigo Gonçalves
Development of a Modeling Architecture Incorporating the Industry 4.0 View for a Company in the Gas Sector
Nikolaos Panayiotou, Konstantinos Stergiou, Vasileios Stavrou
Process for Enhancing the Production System Robustness with Sensor Data – a Food Manufacturer Case Study
Sofie Bech, Thomas Brunoe, Kjeld Nielsen
In-Process Noise Detection System for Product Inspection by Using Acoustic Data
Woonsang Baek, Duck Kim

Knowledge Management in Design and Manufacturing

Closed-Loop Manufacturing for Aerospace Industry: An Integrated PLM-MOM Solution to Support the Wing Box Assembly Process
Melissa Demartini, Federico Galluccio, Paolo Mattis, Islam Abusohyon, Raffaello Lepratti, Flavio Tonelli
Modeling Manual Assembly System to Derive Best Practice from Actual Data
Susann Kärcher, David Görzig, Thomas Bauernhansl
Application of a Controlled Assembly Vocabulary: Modeling a Home Appliance Transfer Line
Chase Wentzky, Chelsea Spence, Apurva Patel, Nicole Zero, Adarsh Jeyes, Alexis Fiore, Joshua Summers, Mary Kurz, Kevin Taaffe
What Product Developers Really Need to Know - Capturing the Major Design Elements
Bjørnar Henriksen, Andreas Landmark, Carl Røstad

Collaborative Product Development

Design-for-Cost – An Approach for Distributed Manufacturing Cost Estimation
Minchul Lee, Boonserm Kulvatunyou
Computer-Aided Selection of Participatory Design Methods
Michael Bojko, Ralph Riedel, Mandy Tawalbeh
Knowledge Management Environment for Collaborative Design in Product Development
Shuai Zhang
A Multi-criteria Approach to Collaborative Product-Service Systems Design
Martha Orellano, Khaled Medini , Christine Lambey-Checchin , Maria-Franca Norese, Gilles Neubert

ICT for Collaborative Manufacturing

MES Implementation: Critical Success Factors and Organizational Readiness Model
Daniela Invernizzi, Paolo Gaiardelli, Emrah Arica, Daryl Powell
Identifying the Role of Manufacturing Execution Systems in the IS Landscape: A Convergence of Multiple Types of Application Functionalities
S. Waschull, J. Wortmann, J. Bokhorst
A Generic Approach to Model and Analyze Industrial Search Processes
Philipp Steenwerth, Hermann Lödding
A Methodology to Assess the Skills for an Industry 4.0 Factory
Federica Acerbi, Silvia Assiani, Marco Taisch

Collaborative Technology

A Theoretical Approach for Detecting and Anticipating Collaboration Opportunities
Ibrahim Koura, Frederick Benaben, Juanqiong Gou
The Systematic Integration of Stakeholders into Factory Planning, Construction, and Factory Operations to Increase Acceptance and Prevent Disruptions
Uwe Dombrowski, Alexander Karl, Colette Vogeler, Nils Bandelow
Service Engineering Models: History and Present-Day Requirements
Roman Senderek, Jan Kuntz, Volker Stich, Jana Frank
Design and Simulation of an Integrated Model for Organisational Sustainability Applying the Viable System Model and System Dynamics
Sergio Gallego-García, Manuel García-García

Applications of Machine Learning in Production Management

Enabling Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing Environments Through Deep Learning Approaches: Lessons Learned
M. Alvela Nieto, E. Nabati, D. Bode, M. Redecker, A. Decker, K.-D. Thoben
Retail Promotion Forecasting: A Comparison of Modern Approaches
Casper Bojer, Iskra Dukovska-Popovska, Flemming Christensen, Kenn Steger-Jensen
A Data Mining Approach to Support Capacity Planning for the Regeneration of Complex Capital Goods
Melissa Seitz, Maren Sobotta, Peter Nyhuis
Developing Smart Supply Chain Management Systems Using Google Trend’s Search Data: A Case Study
Ramin Sabbagh, Dragan Djurdjanovic

Collaborative Technology

Managing Knowledge in Manufacturing Industry - University Innovation Projects
Irina-Emily Hansen, Ola Mork, Torgeir Welo
Technology Companies in Judicial Reorganization
Ricardo Zandonadi Schmidt, Márcia Terra da Silva
Multiscale Modeling of Social Systems: Scale Bridging via Decision Making
Nursultan Nikhanbayev, Toshiya Kaihara, Nobutada Fujii, Daisuke Kokuryo
e-Health: A Framework Proposal for Interoperability and Health Data Sharing. A Brazilian Case
Neusa Andrade, Pedro Oliveira Costa Neto, Jair Mello Torres, Irapuan Júnior, Cláudio Scheidt, Welleson Gazel
Managing Risk and Opportunities in Complex Projects
Asbjørn Rolstadås, Agnar Johansen, Yvonne Bjerke, Tobias Malvik


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