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Product Lifecycle Management for Digital Transformation of Industries
Ramy Harik, Louis Rivest, Alain Bernard, Benoit Eynard, Abdelaziz Bouras
Front Matter

Knowledge Sharing, Re-use and Preservation

Industrial Knowledge Management Tools Applied to Engineering Education
Joel Sauza-Bedolla, Carlo Rosso, Gianluca D’antonio, Paolo Chiabert, Vittorio Romagnoli
Enhancing Domain Specific Sentiment Lexicon for Issue Identification
Madhusudanan N, B. Gurumoorthy, Amaresh Chakrabarti
Knowledge Management and Big Data: Opportunities and Challenges for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)
Patrick Mbassegue, Ma-Lorena Escandon-Quintanilla, Mickaël Gardoni
Ergonomic Considerations in Product Design Through PLM Technologies
Carolina Marroquín, Melisa Gaviria, Ricardo Mejía-Gutiérrez
KBE-PLM Integration Schema for Engineering Knowledge Re-use and Design Automation
Jullius Cho, Thomas Vosgien, Thorsten Prante, Detlef Gerhard
On the use of Process Mining and Machine Learning to support decision making in systems design
Widad Es Soufi, Esma Yahia, Lionel Roucoules

Collaborative Development Architectures

Static Product Structures: An Industrial Standard on the Wane
Stefan Kehl, Carsten Hesselmann, Patrick Stiefel, Jörg Müller
A Lightweight Approach to Manage Engineering Parameters in Mechatronic Design Processes
Lukas Weingartner, Peter Hehenberger, Michael Friedl, Andreas Kellner, Stefan Boschert, Roland Rosen
Improvement of Multidisciplinary Integration in Design of Complex Systems by Implementing Knowledge-Based Engineering
Chen Zheng, Matthieu Bricogne, Julien Duigou, Peter Hehenberger, Sandor Vajna, Benoît Eynard
A Business Collaborative Decision Making System for Network of SMEs
Muhammad Naeem, Néjib Moalla, Yacine Ouzrout, Abdelaziz Bouras
Agile and Project-Planned Methods in Multidisciplinary Product Design
Benjamin Guérineau, Louis Rivest, Matthieu Bricogne, Alexandre Durupt

Interoperability and Systems Integration

Flat Versus Hierarchical Information Models in PLM Standardization Frameworks
Sylvere Krima, Joshua Lubell
An Onto-Based Interoperability Framework for the Connection of PLM and Production Capability Tools
Maxime Lafleur, Walter Terkaj, Farouk Belkadi, Marcello Urgo, Alain Bernard, Marcello Colledani
Model-based Engineering for the Integration of Manufacturing Systems with Advanced Analytics
David Lechevalier, Anantha Narayanan, Sudarsan Rachuri, Sebti Foufou, Y Tina Lee
Proposal of a model-driven ontology for product development process interoperability and information sharing
Anderson Szejka, Osiris Junior Canciglieri, Eduardo Loures, Hervé Panetto, Alexis Aubry

Lean Product Development and the Role of PLM

A Modular Approach for Lean Product Development (LPD) Based on System Engineering
Dao Yin, Xinguo Ming
Lean Product Development and the Role of PLM
Stéphane Fugier-Garrel, Sergio Terzi, Benoît Eynard, Monica Rossi, Laura Cattaneo, Julien Duigou
PLM-Based Approach for Integration of Product Safety in Lean Development
Christophe Danjou, Julien Duigou, Magali Bosch, Benoît Eynard
The Role of Manufacturing Execution Systems in Supporting Lean Manufacturing
Gianluca D’antonio, Joel Sauza Bedolla, Akmal Rustamov, Franco Lombardi, Paolo Chiabert

PLM and Innovation

Virtual Twins as Integrative Components of Smart Products
Michael Abramovici, Jens Göbel, Philipp Savarino
Linking Modular Product Structure to Suppliers’ Selection Through PLM Approach: A Frugal Innovation Perspective
Farouk Belkadi, Ravi Gupta, Ekaterini Vlachou, Alain Bernard, Dimitris Mourtis
PLM in the Food Industry: An Explorative Empirical Research in the Italian Market
Claudia Pinna, Marco Taisch, Sergio Terzi
GIS-Oriented Lifecycle Management for Sustainability
Kiyan Vadoudi, Florian Bratec, Nadège Troussier

PLM Tools

Automatic Assembly Design for Engineering-to-Order Products Based on Multiple Models and Assembly Features
Iraklis Chatziparasidis, Nickolas Sapidis
SDM Framework as a Support for Decision-Making Traceability in Design of Experiments Process
Farouk Belkadi, Luca Dall’olio, Gilles Besombes, Alain Bernard
Interoperability Improvement in a Collaborative Dynamic Manufacturing Network
Emna Moones, El Dafaoui, El Abderrahman, Nicolas Figay, Ali Koudri
Lathe Machining in the Era of Industry 4.0: Remanufactured Lathe with Integrated Measurement System for CNC Generation of the Rolling Surfaces for Railway Wheels
Ionuţ Ghionea, Adrian Ghionea, Daniela Cioboată, Saša Ćuković
Design of Handle Elevators and ATR Spectrum of Material Manufactured by Stereolithography
Diana-Irinel Băilă, Ionuţ-Gabriel Ghionea, Oana-Catalina Mocioiu, Saša Ćuković, Mihaela-Elena Ulmeanu, Cristian-Ioan Tarbă, Livia-Veronica Lazăr
Establishing Semantic Equivalences in Aircraft Ontology to Enable Semantic Interoperability
B. Damayanthi Jesudas, B. Gurumoorthy

Cloud Computing and PLM Tools

Integration of Mobile Device Features in Product Data Management Systems
Jens Hopf
Implementation of Machining on the Cloud: A Case Study in PLM Environment
Saurav Bhatt, Frédéric Segonds, Nicolas Maranzana, Ameziane Aoussat, Vincent Frerebeau, Damien Chasset
Cloud Based Meta Data Driven Product Model
Arun Singh, B. Gurumoorthy, Latha Christie
Knowledge-Based Application of Liaison for Variant Design
Shantanu Das, Abinash Swain

Traceability and Performance

Traceability in Product Supply Chain: A Global Model
Dharmendra Mishra, Aicha Sekhari, Sebastien Henry, Yacine Ouzrout
Processing and Visual Analyze of Heterogeneous and Multidimensional Data in Biomedical PLM Context
Marianne Allanic, Pierre-Yves Hervé, Alexandre Durupt, Marc Joliot, Philippe Boutinaud, Benoit Eynard
Product Development and PLM Performance Measures: A Multiple-Case Study in the Fashion Industry
Elisa D’avolio, Romeo Bandinelli, Rinaldo Rinaldi
Mobile Manipulator Performance Measurement Towards Manufacturing Assembly Tasks Mesure de la performance du manipulateur mobile vers la fabrication des tâches d'assemblage
Roger Bostelman, Sebti Foufou, Steve Legowik, Tsai Hong

Building Information Modeling

Building Lifecycle Management System for Enhanced Closed Loop Collaboration
Sylvain Kubler, Andrea Buda, Jérémy Robert, Kary Främling, Yves Traon
BIM Ecosystem Research: What, Why and How? Framing the Directions for a Holistic View of BIM
Vishal Singh
Comparing PLM and BIM from the Product Structure Standpoint
Conrad Boton, Louis Rivest, Daniel Forgues, Julie Jupp

Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

On Applicability of Big Data Analytics in the Closed-Loop Product Lifecycle: Integration of CRISP-DM Standard
Elaheh Gholamzadeh Nabati, Klaus-Dieter Thoben
Big Data Analytics as Input for Problem Definition and Idea Generation in Technological Design
Ma-Lorena Escandón-Quintanilla, Mickaël Gardoni, Patrick Cohendet
Toward an Extensive Data Integration to Address Reverse Engineering Issues
Jonathan Dekhtiar, Alexandre Durupt, Matthieu Bricogne, Dimitris Kiritsis, Harvey Rowson, Benoit Eynard
Information Gathering in Closed-Loop PLM Systems - Social Networks as Models for the Internet of Things?
Marco Lewandowski, Klaus-Dieter Thoben

Information Lifecycle Management

Multi-party Interactive Visioneering Workshop for Smart Connected Products in Global Manufacturing Industry Considering PLM
Satoshi Goto, Elio Trolio, Osamu Yoshie, Kin’ya Tamaki
Understanding PLM System Concepts to Facilitate Its Implementation in SME: The Real Case Study of POULT
Laureline Plo, Vincent Robin, Philippe Girard
Model of Monetarisation of the Non-availability of Intralogistics Systems for the Evaluation of System Design Alternatives
Friederike Rechl, Konstantin Krebs, Willibald Günthner

Industry 4.0

Smart Manufacturing: Characteristics and Technologies
Sameer Mittal, Muztoba Khan, Thorsten Wuest
Role of Industrial Internet Platforms in the Management of Product Lifecycle Related Information and Knowledge
Karan Menon, Hannu Kärkkäinen, Jayesh Gupta
Diverse Scope Coordination in Design Management
Shuichi Fukuda

Metrics, Standards and Regulation

Developing a Unified Product Lifecycle Management Value Model
Abram Walton, Michael Grieves, Darrel Sandall, Matthew Breault
Identifying PLM Themes, Trends and Clusters Through Ten Years of Scientific Publications
Felix Nyffenegger, Louis Rivest, Christian Braesch
Performance Analysis of CyberManufacturing Systems: A Simulation Study
Zhengyi Song, Young Moon
A Spatio-Temporal Product Lifecycle Network Representation
Kumari Chandran, Amaresh Chakrabarti, Monto Mani

Product, Service and Systems

An IoT Fueled DSS for MOL Marine Auxiliaries Management
Moritz Stietencron, Karl Hribernik, Carl Røstad, Bjørnar Henriksen, Klaus-Dieter Thoben
Lifecycle Management in the Smart City Context: Smart Parking Use-Case
Ahmed Hefnawy, Taha Elhariri, Abdelaziz Bouras, Chantal Cherifi, Jérémy Robert, Sylvain Kubler, Kary Frӓmling
Error Generation, Inventory Record Inaccuracy (IRI) and Effects on Performance: A Dynamic Investigation
Wissam Hachem, Ramy Harik, Joseph Khoury



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