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VLSI-SoC: Forward-Looking Trends in IC and Systems Design
José L. Ayala, David Atienza, Alonso, Ricardo Reis (Eds.)
Front Matter
A 1-V CMOS Ultralow-Power Receiver Front End for the IEEE 802.15.4 Standard Using Tuned Passive Mixer Output Pole
Aaron Do, Chirn Boon, Manthena Krishna, Anh Do, Kiat Yeo
Self-Timed Rings: A Promising Solution for Generating High-Speed High Resolution Low-Phase Noise Clocks
O. Elissati, S. Rieubon, E. Yahya, Laurent Fesquet
Adaptive Logical Control of RF LNA performances for efficient energy consumption
R. Khereddine, L. Abdallah, Emmanuel Simeu, Salvador Mir, F. Cenni
A 1.8-V 3.6-mW 2.4-GHz Fully Integrated CMOS Frequency Synthesizer for the IEEE 802.15.4
Manthena Krishna, Xuan Jie, Anh Do, Chirn Boon, Kiat Yeo, Aaron Do
Design and Optimization of a Digital Baseband Receiver ASIC for GSM/EDGE
Christian Benkeser, Qiuting Huang
VLSI Implementation of Hard- and Soft-Output Sphere Decoding for Wide-Band MIMO Systems
Christoph Studer, Markus Wenk, Andreas Burg
Joint Optimization of Low-power DCT Architecture and Effcient Quantization Technique for Embedded Image Compression
Maher Jridi, Ayman Alfalou
Fast Fixed-Point Optimization of DSP Algorithms
Gabriel Caffarena, Ángel Fernández-Herrero, Juan López, Carlos Carreras
Design and Verification of Lazy and Hybrid Implementations of the SELF Protocol
Eliyah Kilada, Kenneth Stevens
Adaptation Strategies in Multiprocessors System on Chip
Remi Busseuil, Gabriel Almeida, Luciano Ost, Sameer Varyani, Gilles Sassatelli, Michel Robert
Tri-mode Operation for Noise Reduction and Data Preservation in Low-Leakage Multi-Threshold CMOS Circuits
Hailong Jiao, Volkan Kursun
Fast Legalization for Standard Cell Placement with Simultaneous Wirelength and Displacement Minimization
Tsung-Yi Ho, Sheng-Hung Liu
Control Electronics Integration toward Endoscopic Capsule Robot Performing Legged Locomotion and Illumination
Oscar Alonso, Angel Diéguez
Smart Camera System-on-Chip Architecture for Real-Time Brush Based Interactive Painting Systems
Luc Claesen, Peter Vandoren, Tom Laerhoven, Andy Motten, Fabian Fiore, Frank Reeth, Jing Liao, Jinhui Yu



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