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Table of Contents
Human-Centered and Error-Resilient Systems Development
Cristian Bogdan, Jan Gulliksen, Stefan Sauer, Peter Forbrig, Marco Winckler, Chris Johnson, Philippe Palanque, Regina Bernhaupt, Filip Kis
Front Matter

Agile and Human-Centered Software Engineering

Responsibilities and Challenges of Product Owners at Spotify - An Exploratory Case Study
Sigurhanna Kristinsdottir, Marta Larusdottir, Åsa Cajander
Supporting the HCI Aspect of Agile Software Development by Tool Support for UI-Pattern Transformations
Peter Forbrig, Marc Saurin
Human-Centered Software Engineering as a Chance to Ensure Software Quality Within the Digitization of Human Workflows
Holger Fischer, Björn Senft

Usability Evaluation and Testing

Usability Problems Experienced by Different Groups of Skilled Internet Users: Gender, Age, and Background
Jane Billestrup, Anders Bruun, Jan Stage
User-Test Results Injection into Task-Based Design Process for the Assessment and Improvement of Both Usability and User Experience
Regina Bernhaupt, Philippe Palanque, François Manciet, Célia Martinie
Framework for Relative Web Usability Evaluation on Usability Features in MDD
Shinpei Ogata, Yugo Goto, Kozo Okano
Testing Prototypes and Final User Interfaces Through an Ontological Perspective for Behavior-Driven Development
Thiago Silva, Jean-Luc Hak, Marco Winckler

Socio-Technical and Ethical Considerations

Communication in Teams - An Expression of Social Conflicts
Jil Klünder, Kurt Schneider, Fabian Kortum, Julia Straube, Lisa Handke, Simone Kauffeld
Exploring the Requirements and Design of Persuasive Intervention Technology to Combat Digital Addiction
Amen Alrobai, John Mcalaney, Huseyin Dogan, Keith Phalp, Raian Ali
Do You Own a Volkswagen? Values as Non-Functional Requirements
Balbir Barn

Human Error and Safety-Critical Systems

A Core Ontology of Safety Risk Concepts
Hermann Kaindl, Thomas Rathfux, Bernhard Hulin, Roland Beckert, Edin Arnautovic, Roman Popp
Complementary Tools and Techniques for Supporting Fitness-for-Purpose of Interactive Critical Systems
Dorrit Billman, Camille Fayollas, Michael Feary, Célia Martinie, Philippe Palanque
Demon Hunt - The Role of Endsley’s Demons of Situation Awareness in Maritime Accidents
Tim Stratmann, Susanne Boll

User and Developer Experience

Are Software Developers Just Users of Development Tools? Assessing Developer Experience of a Graphical User Interface Designer
Kati Kuusinen
A Conceptual UX-Aware Model of Requirements
Pariya Kashfi, Robert Feldt, Agneta Nilsson, Richard Svensson
Keep the Beat: Audio Guidance for Runner Training
Luca Balvis, Ludovico Boratto, Fabrizio Mulas, Lucio Spano, Salvatore Carta, Gianni Fenu

Models and Methods

The Goals Approach: Enterprise Model-Driven Agile Human-Centered Software Engineering
Pedro Valente, Thiago Silva, Marco Winckler, Nuno Nunes
Engineering Context-Adaptive UIs for Task-Continuous Cross-Channel Applications
Enes Yigitbas, Stefan Sauer
UCProMo—Towards a User-Centred Process Model
Tom Gross

Using and Adopting Tools

Collaborative Task Modelling on the Web
Marco Manca, Fabio Paternò, Carmen Santoro
Ceiling and Threshold of PaaS Tools: The Role of Learnability in Tool Adoption
Rui Alves, Nuno Nunes

Demos and Posters

User Experience Evaluation Methods: Lessons Learned from an Interactive TV Case-Study
Dimitri Drouet, Regina Bernhaupt
Endev: Declarative Prototyping with Data
Filip Kis, Cristian Bogdan
Collaborative Task Modeling: A First Prototype Integrated in HAMSTERS
Marius Koller, Cristian Bogdan, Gerrit Meixner
Accelerated Development for Accessible Apps – Model Driven Development of Transportation Apps for Visually Impaired People
Elmar Krainz, Johannes Feiner, Martin Fruhmann



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