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Electronic Participation
Noella Edelmann, Csaba Csáki, Sara Hofmann, Thomas J. Lampoltshammer, Laura Alcaide Muñoz, Peter Parycek, Gerhard Schwabe, Efthimios Tambouris
Front Matter

Digital Participation

Youths’ Digital Participation in the Early Phases of COVID-19 Lockdown
Iikka Pietilä, Jenni Kallio, Jari Varsaluoma, Kaisa Väänänen
Discovering Sense of Community Enabling Factors for Public and Government Staff in Online Public Engagement
Ann O’brien, William Golden, Murray Scott
Understanding Civic Engagement on Social Media Based on Users’ Motivation to Contribute
Sara Hofmann, Ilias O. Pappas

Digital Society

Researching Digital Society: Using Data-Mining to Identify Relevant Themes from an Open Access Journal
Judith Schossböck, Noella Edelmann, Nina Rizun
Whose Agenda Is It Anyway? The Effect of Disinformation on COVID-19 Vaccination Hesitancy in the Netherlands
Natalia I. Kadenko, J. Boon, J. van Der Kaaij, W. J. Kobes, A. T. Mulder, J. J. Sonneveld
A Conceptual Model for Approaching the Design of Anti-disinformation Tools
Mattias Svahn, Serena Coppolino Perfumi
User Needs for a Mobility App to Support Living in Rural Areas
Vera Spitzer, Maria A. Wimmer
Adoption of E-Government Requirements to Higher Education Institutions Regarding the Digital Transformation
Christina Deutsch, Matthias Gottlieb, Hans Pongratz

Digital Government

Developing Cross-border E-Governance: Exploring Interoperability and Cross-border Integration
Robert Krimmer, Stefan Dedovic, Carsten Schmidt, Andreea-Ancuta Corici
Accountable Federated Machine Learning in Government: Engineering and Management Insights
Dian Balta, Mahdi Sellami, Peter Kuhn, Ulrich Schöpp, Matthias Buchinger, Nathalie Baracaldo, Ali Anwar, Heiko Ludwig, Mathieu Sinn, Mark Purcell, Bashar Altakrouri
Agile Development for Digital Government Services: Challenges and Success Factors
Maximilian Kupi, Keegan Mcbride
Data-Driven Personalized E-Government Services: Literature Review and Case Study
Mariia Maksimova, Mihkel Solvak, Robert Krimmer

Legal Issues

Application of Process Modelling and Simulation to Evaluate Administrative Burdens at the Law-Making Stage
Szymon Mamrot
Evaluating Second Generation Cross-Country Open Legal Data Infrastructures Using Value Models
Charalampos Alexopoulos, Euripidis Loukis, Shefali Virkar
Analysing the Implementation of Electronic Communication Strategies Through Legislation
Valerie Albrecht, Anna-Sophie Novak
The Accountability of Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies in Information Search Activities
Pál Vadász, Zsolt Ződi