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Wired/Wireless Internet Communications
Yevgeni Koucheryavy, Lefteris Mamatas, Ibrahim Matta, Aleksandr Ometov, Panagiotis Papadimitriou
Front Matter

Network Analysis and Dimensioning

Bargaining over Fair Channel Sharing Between Wi-Fi and LTE-U Networks
Andrey Garnaev, Shweta Sagari, Wade Trappe
Time-Dependent SIR Analysis in Shopping Malls Using Fractal-Based Mobility Models
Yuri Orlov, Elisabeth Kirina-Lilinskaya, Andrey Samuylov, Aleksandr Ometov, Dmitri Moltchanov, Yulia Gaimamaka, Sergey Andreev, Konstantin Samouylov
Analysis and Performance Evaluation of SDN Queue Model
Samuel Muhizi, Gregory Shamshin, Ammar Muthanna, Ruslan Kirichek, Andrei Vladyko, Andrey Koucheryavy
Analysis of a Retrial Queue with Limited Processor Sharing Operating in the Random Environment
Sergey Dudin, Alexander Dudin, Olga Dudina, Konstantin Samouylov
Stationary Distribution of Waiting Time in MAP/G/1/N Queueing System with LIFO Service Discipline
Alexander Dudin, Valentina Klimenok, Konstantin Samouylov

5G Communications

Distributed Sleep Mode Power Control in 5G Ultra Dense Networks
Christos Bouras, Georgios Diles
System Model for Multi-level Cloud Based Tactile Internet System
Abdelhamied Ateya, Anastasia Vybornova, Konstantin Samouylov, Andrey Koucheryavy
Task Scheduling Scheme Based on Cost Optimization in 5G/Hetnets C-RAN
Olfa Chabbouh, Nazim Agoulmine, Sonia Rejeb, Zièd Choukair
Energy Efficiency Performance for 5G Cellular Networks
Afef Bohli, Ridha Bouallegue

Network Design and Planning

Interaction of the IoT Traffic Generated by a Smart City Segment with SDN Core Network
Artem Volkov, Abdukodir Khakimov, Ammar Muthanna, Ruslan Kirichek, Andrei Vladyko, Andrey Koucheryavy
Evaluation of Geocast Routing Trees on Random and Actual Networks
Bernd Meijerink, Mitra Baratchi, Geert Heijenk
A NURBS Based Technique for an Optimized Transmit Opportunity Map Processing in WLAN Networks
Mehdi Guessous, Lahbib Zenkouar

Network Protocols

Load-Balancing Adaptive Clustering Refinement Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network Clusters
Gal Oren, Leonid Barenboim, Harel Levin
Simulation and Testing of a Platooning Management Protocol Implementation
Bruno Ribeiro, Fábio Gonçalves, Alexandre Santos, Maria Nicolau, Bruno Dias, Joaquim Macedo, António Costa
Research of Interaction Between Applications of Augmented Reality and Control Methods of UAVs
Maria Makolkina, Ruslan Kirichek, Valeria Teltevskaya, Elisaveta Surodeeva
Energy-Efficient Power Control and Clustering in Underlay Device to Multi-device Communications
Mariem Hmila, Manuel Fernández-Veiga
Adaptive-Segmentation and Flexible-Delay Based Broadcasting Protocol for VANETs
Houda Hafi, Wahabou Abdou, Salah Merniz

Information Technology

NetFlow Anomaly Detection Though Parallel Cluster Density Analysis in Continuous Time-Series
Kieran Flanagan, Enda Fallon, Paul Connolly, Abir Awad
Investigation of Traffic Pattern for the Augmented Reality Applications
Maria Makolkina, Andrey Koucheryavy, Alexander Paramonov
Benefits of Multiply-Cascaded TCP Tunnel with Network Coding over Lossy Networks
Nguyen Ha, Kazumi Kumazoe, Kazuya Tsukamoto, Masato Tsuru

Circuit Design

A Broadband Power Amplifier Applied in GSM/TD-SCDMA/WLAN System
Wenyuan Li, Yan Ding, Hui Luo
IBIS-AMI Based PAM4 Signaling and FEC Technique for 25 Gb/s Serial Link
Yongzheng Zhan, Qingsheng Hu, Yinhang Zhang
Spur-Free MASH DDSM with Eliminable Dither
Yilong Liao, Xiangning Fan
A 20 Gb/s Wireline Receiver with Adaptive CTLE and Half-Rate DFE in 0.13 µm Technology
Yinhang Zhang, Qingsheng Hu, Yongzheng Zhan
Spur-Free and Stable Digital Delta-Sigma Modulator via Using HK-EFM
Xiangning Fan, Pengpeng Shi, Yilong Liao, Jian Tao
Compression Method to Remove Unnecessary MSBs of IQ Data Frames in C-RAN
Hojun Kwak, Sungkwon Park, Joonyoung Jung, Eunhui Hyun, Jewon Lee



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