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Table of Contents
VLSI-SoC: New Technology Enabler
Carolina Metzler, Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon, Giovanni de Micheli, Carlos Silva-Cardenas, Ricardo Reis
Front Matter
Software-Based Self-Test for Delay Faults
Michelangelo Grosso, Matteo Sonza Reorda, Salvatore Rinaudo
On Test Generation for Microprocessors for Extended Class of Functional Faults
Adeboye Oyeniran, Raimund Ubar, Maksim Jenihhin, Jaan Raik
Robust FinFET Schmitt Trigger Designs for Low Power Applications
Leonardo Moraes, Alexandra Zimpeck, Cristina Meinhardt, Ricardo Reis
An Improved Technique for Logic Gate Susceptibility Evaluation of Single Event Transient Faults
Rafael Schvittz, Denis Franco, Leomar da Rosa, Paulo Butzen
Process Variability Impact on the SET Response of FinFET Multi-level Design
Leonardo Brendler, Alexandra Zimpeck, Cristina Meinhardt, Ricardo Reis
Efficient Soft Error Vulnerability Analysis Using Non-intrusive Fault Injection Techniques
Vitor Bandeira, Felipe Rosa, Ricardo Reis, Luciano Ost
A Statistical Wafer Scale Error and Redundancy Analysis Simulator
Atishay Atishay, Ankit Gupta, Rashmi Sonawat, Helik Thacker, B. Prasanth
Hardware-Enabled Secure Firmware Updates in Embedded Systems
Solon Falas, Charalambos Konstantinou, Maria Michael
Reliability Enhanced Digital Low-Dropout Regulator with Improved Transient Performance
Longfei Wang, Soner Seçkiner, Selçuk Köse
Security Aspects of Real-Time MPSoCs: The Flaws and Opportunities of Preemptive NoCs
Bruno Forlin, Cezar Reinbrecht, Johanna Sepúlveda
Offset-Compensation Systems for Multi-Gbit/s Optical Receivers
László Szilágyi, Jan Pliva, Ronny Henker
Accelerating Inference on Binary Neural Networks with Digital RRAM Processing
David Atienza, Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon, João Vieira, Edouard Giacomin, Yasir Qureshi, Marina Zapater, Xifan Tang, Shahar Kvatinsky
Semi- and Fully-Random Access LUTs for Smooth Functions
Y. Gener, Furkan Aydin, Sezer Gören, H. Ugurdag
A Predictive Process Design Kit for Three-Independent-Gate Field-Effect Transistors
Patsy Cadareanu, Ganesh Gore, Edouard Giacomin, Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon
Exploiting Heterogeneous Mobile Architectures Through a Unified Runtime Framework
Chenying Hsieh, Ardalan Sani, Nikil Dutt


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