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Table of Contents
Privacy and Identity Management. Data for Better Living: AI and Privacy
Michael Friedewald, Melek Önen, Eva Lievens, Stephan Krenn, Samuel Fricker
Front Matter

Invited Papers

Privacy as Enabler of Innovation
Daniel Bachlechner, Marc Lieshout, Tjerk Timan
Fair Enough? On (Avoiding) Bias in Data, Algorithms and Decisions
Francien Dechesne

Workshop and Tutorial Papers

Opportunities and Challenges of Dynamic Consent in Commercial Big Data Analytics
Eva Schlehahn, Patrick Murmann, Farzaneh Karegar, Simone Fischer-Hübner
Identity Management: State of the Art, Challenges and Perspectives
Tore Frederiksen, Julia Hesse, Anja Lehmann, Rafael Torres Moreno
SoK: Cryptography for Neural Networks
Monir Azraoui, Muhammad Bahram, Beyza Bozdemir, Sébastien Canard, Eleonora Ciceri, Orhan Ermis, Ramy Masalha, Marco Mosconi, Melek Önen, Marie Paindavoine, Boris Rozenberg, Bastien Vialla, Sauro Vicini
Workshop on Privacy Challenges in Public and Private Organizations
Alessandra Bagnato, Paulo Silva, Ala Alaqra, Orhan Ermis
News Diversity and Recommendation Systems: Setting the Interdisciplinary Scene
Glen Joris, Camiel Colruyt, Judith Vermeulen, Stefaan Vercoutere, Frederik Grove, Kristin Damme, Orphée Clercq, Cynthia Hee, Lieven Marez, Veronique Hoste, Eva Lievens, Toon Pessemier, Luc Martens

Language and Privacy

Ontology-Based Modeling of Privacy Vulnerabilities for Data Sharing
Jens Schwee, Fisayo Sangogboye, Aslak Johansen, Mikkel Kjærgaard
On the Design of a Privacy-Centered Data Lifecycle for Smart Living Spaces
Joseph Bugeja, Andreas Jacobsson
Language-Based Mechanisms for Privacy-by-Design
Shukun Tokas, Olaf Owe, Toktam Ramezanifarkhani

Law, Ethics and AI

Aid and AI: The Challenge of Reconciling Humanitarian Principles and Data Protection
Júlia Zomignani Barboza, Lina Jasmontaitė-Zaniewicz, Laurence Diver
Get to Know Your Geek: Towards a Sociological Understanding of Incentives Developing Privacy-Friendly Free and Open Source Software
Oğuz Karadeniz, Stefan Schiffner
Recommended for You: “You Don’t Need No Thought Control”. An Analysis of News Personalisation in Light of Article 22 GDPR
Judith Vermeulen

Biometrics and Privacy

Data Privatizer for Biometric Applications and Online Identity Management
Giuseppe Garofalo, Davy Preuveneers, Wouter Joosen
What Does Your Gaze Reveal About You? On the Privacy Implications of Eye Tracking
Jacob Kröger, Otto Lutz, Florian Müller
Privacy Implications of Voice and Speech Analysis – Information Disclosure by Inference
Jacob Kröger, Otto Lutz, Philip Raschke
Border Control and Use of Biometrics: Reasons Why the Right to Privacy Can Not Be Absolute
Mohamed Abomhara, Sule Yayilgan, Marina Shalaginova, Zoltán Székely

Tools Supporting Data Protection Compliance

Making GDPR Usable: A Model to Support Usability Evaluations of Privacy
Johanna Johansen, Simone Fischer-Hübner
Decision Support for Mobile App Selection via Automated Privacy Assessment
Jens Wettlaufer, Hervais Simo
Tool-Assisted Risk Analysis for Data Protection Impact Assessment
Salimeh Dashti, Silvio Ranise

Privacy Classification and Security Assessment

How to Protect My Privacy? - Classifying End-User Information Privacy Protection Behaviors
Frank Ebbers
Annotation-Based Static Analysis for Personal Data Protection
Kalle Hjerppe, Jukka Ruohonen, Ville Leppänen
Order of Control and Perceived Control over Personal Information
Yefim Shulman, Thao Ngo, Joachim Meyer
Aggregating Corporate Information Security Maturity Levels of Different Assets
Michael Schmid, Sebastian Pape

Privacy Enhancing Technologies in Specific Contexts

Differential Privacy in Online Dating Recommendation Systems
Teresa Steiner
Distributed Ledger for Provenance Tracking of Artificial Intelligence Assets
Philipp Lüthi, Thibault Gagnaux, Marcel Gygli
A Survey-Based Exploration of Users’ Awareness and Their Willingness to Protect Their Data with Smart Objects
Chathurangi Wickramasinghe, Delphine Reinhardt
Self-Sovereign Identity Systems
Abylay Satybaldy, Mariusz Nowostawski, Jørgen Ellingsen
Privacy in Location-Based Services and Their Criticality Based on Usage Context
Tom Lorenz, Ina Schiering


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