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Advances in Production Management Systems. Smart Manufacturing for Industry 4.0
Ilkyeong Moon, Gyu M. Lee, Jinwoo Park, Dimitris Kiritsis, Gregor von Cieminski
Front Matter

Intelligent Diagnostics and Maintenance Solutions for Smart Manufacturing

Upgrading Legacy Equipment to Industry 4.0 Through a Cyber-Physical Interface
Hanna Jónasdóttir, Karishma Dhanani, Kenneth Mcrae, Jörn Mehnen
Development of Maturity Levels for Agile Industrial Service Companies
Achim Kampker, Jana Frank, Roman Emonts-Holley, Philipp Jussen
The Role of Internet of Services (IoS) on Industry 4.0 Through the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Jacqueline Zonichenn Reis, Rodrigo Franco Gonçalves
Evaluating Impact of AI on Cognitive Load of Technicians During Diagnosis Tasks in Maintenance
Hyunjong Shin, Vittaldas Prabhu
An In-Process BSR-Noise Detection System for Car Door Trims
Woonsang Baek, Duck Kim
The Future of Maintenance Within Industry 4.0: An Empirical Research in Manufacturing
Irene Roda, Marco Macchi, Luca Fumagalli
Modeling the Influence of Technician Proficiency and Maintenance Strategies on Production System Performance
Kai-Wen Tien, Vittaldas Prabhu

Service Engineering Based on Smart Manufacturing Capabilities

How to Increase Share of Product-Related Services in Revenue? Strategy Towards Servitization
Ugljesa Marjanovic, Bojan Lalic, Vidosav Majstorovic, Nenad Medic, Jasna Prester, Iztok Palcic
A Hybrid Forecasting Framework with Neural Network and Time-Series Method for Intermittent Demand in Semiconductor Supply Chain
Wenhan Fu, Chen-Fu Chien, Zih-Hao Lin
Constructing a Metrology Sampling Framework for In-line Inspection in Semiconductor Fabrication
Chen-Fu Chien, Yun-Siang Lin, Yu-Shin Tan
Maturity Models for Digitalization in Manufacturing - Applicability for SMEs
Stefan Wiesner, Paolo Gaiardelli, Nicola Gritti, Gianluca Oberti
The Impacts of Quick Response in a Dual-Channel Supply Chain
Huihui Zhang, Danqin Yang
Smart Service Lifecycle Management: A Framework and Use Case
Mike Freitag, Stefan Wiesner
acatech Industrie 4.0 Maturity Index – A Multidimensional Maturity Model
Violett Zeller, Christian Hocken, Volker Stich
An Analysis of the Impact of Industrie 4.0 on Production Planning and Control
Uwe Dombrowski, Yannick Dix
The Strategic Landscape of Industry 4.0
Børge Sjøbakk
Online Life Cycle Assessment for Fluid Power Manufacturing Systems – Challenges and Opportunities
Marcel Rückert, Stephan Merkelbach, Raphael Alt, Katharina Schmitz

Smart City Interoperability and Cross-Platform Implementation

Study on the Utilization of Digital Manufacturing for Production Operations
Masahiro Shibuya, Kenichi Iida, Koki Mikami
Semantic Interoperability and Open IoT APIs for Smart Cities Applications
Prodromos Kolyvakis, Christian Mader, Dimitris Kiritsis
Towards a Smart Manufacturing Maturity Model for SMEs (SM3E)
Sameer Mittal, David Romero, Thorsten Wuest
An Order Control Policy in Crowdsourced Parcel Pickup and Delivery Service
Yuncheol Kang
Node and Edge Surveillance Using Drones Considering Required Camera Altitude and Battery Charging
Ivan Singgih, Jonghwa Lee, Byung-In Kim
How to Choose the Greenest Delivery Plan: A Framework to Measure Key Performance Indicators for Sustainable Urban Logistics
Adriana Giret, Vicente Julián, Juan Corchado, Alberto Fernández, Miguel Salido, Dunbing Tang
Developing an Advanced Cloud-Based Vehicle Routing and Scheduling System for Urban Freight Transportation
Sotiris Gayialis, Grigorios Konstantakopoulos, Georgios Papadopoulos, Evripidis Kechagias, Stavros Ponis
Lease Contract in Usage Based Remanufactured Equipment Service System
H. Husniah, U. Pasaribu, B. Iskandar

Manufacturing Performance Management in Smart Factories

Increasing Rate of Diffusion of Innovation in Supply Chain: Targeting the Early Adopters in UK Supply Chain
S. Lee, M. Lim, D. Food, J. Hu
The Interaction of Global Networks in Their Evolutions: A Longitudinal Case Study
Yang Cheng, Ruihong Gao
Measuring Similarity for Manufacturing Process Models
Hyun Ahn, Tai-Woo Chang
Dynamic Rescheduling in Energy-Aware Unrelated Parallel Machine Problems
Sergio Ferrer, Giancarlo Nicolò, Miguel Salido, Adriana Giret, Federico Barber
Information Support for Supplier Kit Preparation
Maria Thomassen, Lars Skjelstad, Erlend Gjønnes
Real-Time Linked Open Data for Life Cycle Inventory
Jayakrishnan Jayapal, Senthilkumaran Kumaraguru
The Construction Value Chain in a BIM Environment
Myrna Flores, Ahmed Al-Ashaab, Oliver Mörth, Pablo Usó, Harry Pinar, Fatimah Alfaraj, Ming Yu
Performance Measurement in Sensorized Sociotechnical Manufacturing Environments
Emrah Arica, Manuel Oliveira, Christos Emmanouilidis

Industry 4.0 - Digital Twin

A Scheduling Tool for Achieving Zero Defect Manufacturing (ZDM): A Conceptual Framework
Foivos Psarommatis, Dimitris Kiritsis
Predictive Maintenance Platform Based on Integrated Strategies for Increased Operating Life of Factories
Gökan May, Nikos Kyriakoulis, Konstantinos Apostolou, Sangje Cho, Konstantinos Grevenitis, Stefanos Kokkorikos, Jovana Milenkovic, Dimitris Kiritsis
Conceptual Design of a Digital Shadow for the Procurement of Stocked Products
Daniel Pause, Matthias Blum
A Framework Based on Predictive Maintenance, Zero-Defect Manufacturing and Scheduling Under Uncertainty Tools, to Optimize Production Capacities of High-End Quality Products
Paul-Arthur Dreyfus, Dimitrios Kyritsis
An Introduction to PHM and Prognostics Case Studies
Hong-Bae Jun
A Hybrid Machine Learning Approach for Predictive Maintenance in Smart Factories of the Future
Sangje Cho, Gökan May, Ioannis Tourkogiorgis, Roberto Perez, Oscar Lazaro, Borja Maza, Dimitris Kiritsis
Skill Modelling for Digital Factories
Damiano Arena, F. Ameri, Dimitris Kiritsis
Digital Twin Approach for Solving Reconfiguration Planning Problems in RMS
Kezia Kurniadi, Sangil Lee, Kwangyeol Ryu
Remaining Useful Life Estimation for Informed End of Life Management of Industrial Assets: A Conceptual Model
Marco Macchi, Irene Roda, Leonardo Toffoli
Heat Recovery Unit Failure Detection in Air Handling Unit
Manik Madhikermi, Narges Yousefnezhad, Kary Främling

Industry 4.0 - Smart Factory

Towards Digital Lean Cyber-Physical Production Systems: Industry 4.0 Technologies as Enablers of Leaner Production
Daryl Powell, David Romero, Paolo Gaiardelli, Chiara Cimini, Sergio Cavalieri
Big Data Analytics for Logistics and Distributions Using Blockchain
Benedito Petroni, Elisângela Moraes, Rodrigo Gonçalves
A Study on the Integrations of Products and Manufacturing Engineering Using Sensors and IoT
Dahye Hwang, Sang Noh
Towards a Platform for Smart Manufacturing Improvement Planning
Sangsu Choi, Thorsten Wuest, Boonserm Kulvatunyou
Manufacturing Execution Systems: The Next Level of Automated Control or of Shop-Floor Support?
S. Waschull, J. Wortmann, J. Bokhorst
Construct an Intelligent Yield Alert and Diagnostic Analysis System via Data Analysis: Empirical Study of a Semiconductor Foundry
Yi-Jyun Chen, Yen-Han Lee, Ming-Chuan Chu
The Industrial Ontologies Foundry Proof-of-Concept Project
Boonserm Kulvatunyou, Evan Wallace, Dimitris Kiritsis, Barry Smith, Chris Will
The Lean Production System 4.0 Framework – Enhancing Lean Methods by Industrie 4.0
Uwe Dombrowski, Thomas Richter
AR/VR-Based Live Manual for User-Centric Smart Factory Services
Jae Lee, Duck Kim, Minseok Kim, Kyeong-Beom Park, Sung Choi
Active Role-Based Database System for Factory Planning
Uwe Dombrowski, Christoph Imdahl, Alexander Karl

Industry 4.0 – Collaborative Cyber-physical Production and Human Systems

A Method to Assess Social and Human Factors of Production Innovations
Stanisław Strzelczak, Stanisław Marciniak
A Literature Review on Human Changeover Ability in High-Variety Production
Christopher Ketelsen, Rasmus Andersen, Kjeld Nielsen, Ann-Louise Andersen, Thomas Brunoe, Sofie Bech
A Conceptual Digital Assistance System Supporting Manual Changeovers in High-Variety Production
Rasmus Andersen, Christopher Ketelsen, Kjeld Nielsen, Ann-Louise Andersen, Thomas Brunoe, Sofie Bech
Softbots Supporting the Operator 4.0 at Smart Factory Environments
Ricardo Rabelo, David Romero, Saulo Zambiasi
A Fundamental Study on the Effect of Visual Guidance to Inspectors Using Visual Indicator on Defect Detection in Visual Inspection Utilizing Peripheral Vision
Ryosuke Nakajima, Kosuke Fujie, Takuya Hida, Toshiyuki Matsumoto
Digitalizing Occupational Health, Safety and Productivity for the Operator 4.0
David Romero, Sandra Mattsson, Åsa Fast-Berglund, Thorsten Wuest, Dominic Gorecky, Johan Stahre
A Framework for Process Model Based Human-Robot Collaboration System Using Augmented Reality
Hwaseop Lee, Yeeyeng Liau, Siku Kim, Kwangyeol Ryu
Management of Reconfigurable Production Networks in Order-Based Production
Johannes Be Isa, Helge Epha, Stefan Braunreuther, Gunther Reinhart


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