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Advances in Production Management Systems: Competitive Manufacturing for Innovative Products and Services (Part I)
Christos Emmanouilidis, Marco Taisch, Dimitris Kiritsis (Eds.)
Front Matter

Part I: Sustainability

Energy Efficient Manufacturing

Toward Energy Efficient Manufacturing: A Study on Practices and Viewpoint of the Industry
Gökan May, Marco Taisch, Bojan Stahl, Vahid Sadr
Energy Efficient Production through a Modified–Green–PPC and a Communication Framework for the Energy Supply Chain to Manage Energy Consumption and Information
Ulrich Brandenburg, Sebastian Kropp, Jorge Sunyer, Daniel Batalla-Navarro
Energy-Efficient Machining via Energy Data Integration
Tao Peng, Xun Xu, Juhani Heilala
An ICT Supported Holistic Approach for Qualitative and Quantitative Energy Efficiency Evaluation in Manufacturing Company
Hendro Wicaksono, Kiril Aleksandrov, Sven Rogalski, Jivka Ovtcharova
How Energy Recovery Can Reshape Storage Assignment in Automated Warehouses
Antonella Meneghetti, Luca Monti
Modeling Green Fabs – A Queuing Theory Approach for Evaluating Energy Performance
Hyun Jeon, Vittaldas Prabhu
Analyzing Energy Consumption for Factory and Logistics Planning Processes
Egon Müller, Hendrik Hopf, Manuela Krones
Energy Implications in the Single-Vendor Single-Buyer Integrated Production Inventory Model
Simone Zanoni, Laura Bettoni, Christoph Glock
An Extended Energy Value Stream Approach Applied on the Electronics Industry
Gerrit Bogdanski, Malte Schönemann, Sebastian Thiede, Stefan Andrew, Christoph Herrmann
An Approach for Energy Saving in the Compound Feed Production
Marc Redecker, Klaus-Dieter Thoben
Bridging the Gap between Energy Management Systems and Machine Tools – Embedded Energy Efficiency in Production Planning and Control
Manuel Rippel, Olga Willner, Johannes Plehn, Paul Schönsleben
Energy Efficient Production Planning
Connor Upton, Fergus Quilligan, Carlos García-Santiago, Asier González-González
Using Internet of Things to Improve Eco-efficiency in Manufacturing: A Review on Available Knowledge and a Framework for IoT Adoption
Giovanni Miragliotta, Fadi Shrouf
An Investigation into Minimising Total Energy Consumption, Total Energy Cost and Total Tardiness Based on a Rolling Blackout Policy in a Job Shop
Ying Liu, Niels Lohse, Sanja Petrovic, Nabil Gindy
Requirements Analysis and Definition for Eco-factories: The Case of EMC2
Marco Taisch, Bojan Stahl
Energy Efficient Process Planning System – The ENEPLAN Project
Paolo Calefati, John Pandremenos, Apostolos Fysikopoulos, George Chryssolouris
Energy Efficiency Optimisation in Heat Treatment Process Design
Iñigo Mendikoa, Mikel Sorli, Alberto Armijo, Laura Garcia, Luis Erausquin, Mario Insunza, Jon Bilbao, Hakan Friden, Anders Björk, Linus Bergfors, Romualdas Skema, Robertas Alzbutas, Tomas Iesmantas
Evaluation and Calculation of Dynamics in Environmental Impact Assessment
Björn Johansson, Jon Andersson, Erik Lindskog, Jonatan Berglund, Anders Skoogh
Discrete Part Manufacturing Energy Efficiency Improvements with Modelling and Simulation
Juhani Heilala, Marja Paju, Jari Montonen, Reino Ruusu, Mikel Sorli, Alberto Armijo, Pablo Bermell-Garcia, Simon Astwood, Santiago Quintana
A Parallelizable Heuristic for Solving the Generic Materials and Operations Planning in a Supply Chain Network: A Case Study from the Automotive Industry
Julien Maheut, Jose Garcia-Sabater
Factory Modelling: Combining Energy Modelling for Buildings and Production Systems
Peter Ball, Melanie Despeisse, Steve Evans, Rick Greenough, Steve Hope, Ruth Kerrigan, Andrew Levers, Peter Lunt, Vincent Murray, Mike Oates, Richard Quincey, Li Shao, Timothy Waltniel, Andrew Wright

Sustainable Value Creation, Business Models and Strategies

Business Modelling for Sustainable Manufacturing
Maria Holgado, Donatella Corti, Marco Macchi, Padmakshi Rana, Samuel Short, Steve Evans
Embedding Sustainability in Business Modelling through Multi-stakeholder Value Innovation
Samuel Short, Padmakshi Rana, Nancy Bocken, Steve Evans
Toward Sustainability Governance in Manufacturing Networks
Teuvo Uusitalo, Markku Reunanen, Katri Valkokari, Pasi Valkokari, Katariina Palomäki
Implementation of Sustainability in Ongoing Supply Chain Operations
Liliyana Jørsfeldt, Peter Jensen, Brian Waehrens
Modular Framework for Reliable LCA-Based Indicators Supporting Supplier Selection within Complex Supply Chains
Carlo Brondi, Rosanna Fornasiero, Manfredi Vale, Ludovico Vidali, Federico Brugnoli
Sustainable Food Supply Chains: Towards a Framework for Waste Identification
Lukas Chabada, Heidi Dreyer, Anita Romsdal, Daryl Powell
A Classification of Industrial Symbiosis Networks: A Focus on Materials and Energy Recovery
Vito Albino, Achille Garavelli, Vincenzo Romano
Performance Evaluation in Sustainability Conscious Manufacturing Companies by Using TOPSIS Method
Merve Kılıç, Seren Taşan
A Decision-Aiding Approach for Residential PhotoVoltaic System Choice: An Application to the French Context
Fredy Huaylla, Lamia Berrah, Vincent Cliville
Design of Controlling Supported Sustainability of Manufacturing Enterprises
Eryk Głodziński

Part II: Design, Manufacturing and Production Management

Mass Customization

Modularization – Enabler for Shop Floor Involvement in Improvement and Development
Bjørnar Henriksen, Lars Skjelstad, Eva Seim, Carl Røstad
Comparison of Criticality of Configuration Choices for Market Price and Product Cost
Peter Nielsen, Thomas Brunoe
The Multiple Faces of Mass Customization: Product Design, Process Design and Supply Chain Design
Nico Vandaele, Catherine Decouttere
Development of a Business Process Matrix for Structuring the Implications of Using Configurators in an Engineer-To-Order Environment
Olga Willner, Manuel Rippel, Matthias Wandfluh, Paul Schönsleben
Designing Rotationally Symmetric Products for Multi-variant Mass Production by Using Production-Technical Solution Space
Guenther Schuh, Till Potente, Christina Thomas, Stephan Schmitz
Robotics in the Construction Industry: Mass Customization or Digital Crafting?
Ingrid Paoletti, Roberto Naboni
Simulation-Based Design of Production Networks for Manufacturing of Personalised Products
Dimitris Mourtzis, Michalis Doukas, Foivos Psarommatis
An Empirical Based Proposal for Mass Customization Business Model in Footwear Industry
Golboo Pourabdollahian, Donatella Corti, Chiara Galbusera, Julio Silva
Mass Customized Large Scale Production System with Learning Curve Consideration
Kuo Chen, Richard Storch
Event-Driven Order Rescheduling Model for Just-In-Sequence Deliveries to a Mixed-Model Assembly Line
Georg Heinecke, Jonathan Köber, Raffaello Lepratti, Steffen Lamparter, Andreas Kunz
Support to Order Management and Collaborative Production of Customised Garments for Specific Target Groups
Eva Coscia, Michele Sesana, Rosanna Fornasiero
Modeling and Simulation Tool for Sustainable MC Supply Chain Design and Assessment
Paolo Pedrazzoli, Marino Alge, Andrea Bettoni, Luca Canetta
Agent Based Resources Allocation in Job Shop with Re-entrant Features: A Benchmarking Analysis
Matteo Savino, Antonio Mazza

Products of the Future and Manufacturing Systems Design

Design of a Taxation System to Promote Electric Vehicles in Singapore
Seng Chua, Masaru Nakano
Knowledge Management in Set Based Lean Product Development Process
Robert Furian, Frank Lacroix, Dragan Stokic, Ana Correia, Cristina Grama, Stefan Faltus, Maksim Maksimovic, Karl-Heinrich Grote, Christiane Beyer
Design of Fundamental Ontology for Manufacturing Product Lifecycle Applications
Dimitris Kiritsis, Soumaya Kadiri, Apostolos Perdikakis, Ana Milicic, Dimitris Alexandrou, Kostas Pardalis
Proposal of an Assessment Model for New Product Development
Monica Rossi, Sergio Terzi, Marco Garetti
Multi-objective Optimization of Product Life-Cycle Costs and Environmental Impacts
Daniele Cerri, Marco Taisch, Sergio Terzi
A Stochastic Formulation of the Disassembly Line Balancing Problem
Mohand Lounes Bentaha, Olga Battaïa, Alexandre Dolgui
Incorporating Regularity of Required Workload to the MMSP-W with Serial Workstations and Free Interruption of the Operations
Joaquín Bautista, Rocío Alfaro, Alberto Cano
Incorporating Ergonomics Factors into the TSALBP
Joaquín Bautista, Cristina Batalla, Rocío Alfaro
Critical Factors for Successful User-Supplier Integration in the Production System Design Process
Jessica Bruch, Monica Bellgran

Advanced Design, Manufacturing and Production Management

Current State and Future Perspective Research on Lean Remanufacturing – Focusing on the Automotive Industry
Elzbieta Pawlik, Winifred Ijomah, Jonathan Corney
Understanding Product State Relations within Manufacturing Processes
Benjamin Knoke, Thorsten Wuest, Klaus-Dieter Thoben
Universal Simulation Model in Witness Software for Verification and Following Optimization of the Handling Equipment
Jiří Holík, Lenka Landryová
An Adaptive Kanban and Production Capacity Control Mechanism
Léo Pallec Marand, Yo Sakata, Daisuke Hirotani, Katsumi Morikawa, Katsuhiko Takahashi
Intelligent Manufacturing Systems: Controlling Elastic Springback in Bending
Torgeir Welo
Splitting or Sharing Resources at the Process Level: An Automotive Industry Case Study
Dag Haartveit, Marco Semini, Erlend Alfnes
Optimization of Flexible Assembly Systems for Electrical Motors
Mirlind Bruqi, Ramë Likaj, Jorgaq Kaqani
Flexible and Reconfigurable Layouts in Complex Manufacturing Systems
Maria Azevedo, José Crispim, Jorge Sousa
Cost Management Practices in Collaborative Product Development Processes
Carlos Barbosa, Paulo Afonso, Manuel Nunes
The Multidisciplinary Virtual Product Development Integrates the Influence of Die Casting Defects in the Mechanical Response
Nicola Gramegna, Iñigo Loizaga, Susana Berrocal, Franco Bonollo, Giulio Timelli, Stefano Ferraro
Design and Simulation-Based Testing of a Prediction Market System Using SIPS for Demand Forecasting
Hajime Mizuyama

Robotics in Manufacturing

Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm for Real-World Mobile Robot Scheduling Problem
Quang-Vinh Dang, Izabela Nielsen, Kenn Steger-Jensen
Multi-camera 3D Object Reconstruction for Industrial Automation
Malamati Bitzidou, Dimitrios Chrysostomou, Antonios Gasteratos
Multimodal Processes Rescheduling
Grzegorz Bocewicz, Zbigniew Banaszak, Peter Nielsen, Quang-Vinh Dang
Novel Automated Production System for the Footwear Industry
Silvio Cocuzza, Rosanna Fornasiero, Stefano Debei
Safety-Guided Design Concerning Standardization’s Requirements of Mowing Robots
Spyridon Mouroutsos, Eleftheria Mitka

Part III: Human Factors, Learning and Innovation

Modern Learning in Manufacturing and Production Systems

Applying Serious Games in Lean Manufacturing Training
M. Messaadia, A. Bufardi, J. Duigou, H. Szigeti, B. Eynard, D. Kiritsis
Flow and Physical Objects in Experiential Learning for Industrial Engineering Education
David Jentsch, Ralph Riedel, Egon Mueller
Context Aware E-Support in E-Maintenance
Nikos Papathanasiou, Christos Emmanouilidis, Petros Pistofidis, Dimitris Karampatzakis
Using Behavioral Indicators to Assess Competences in a Sustainable Manufacturing Learning Scenario
Heiko Duin, Gregor Cerinsek, Manuel Oliveira, Michael Bedek, Slavko Dolinsek
Lean Product Development: Serious Game and Evaluation of the Learning Outcomes
Endris Kerga, Armin Akaberi, Marco Tasich, Monica Rossi, Sergio Terzi
Learning PLM system with a Serious Game
Philippe Pernelle, Thibault Carron, Jean-Charles Marty, Stéphane Talbot
Beware of the Robot: A Highly Interactive and Immersive Virtual Reality Training Application in Robotic Manufacturing Systems
Elias Matsas, Dimitrios Batras, George-Christopher Vosniakos
Educational Framework of Product Lifecycle Management Issues for Master and PhD Study Programmes
Milan Edl
The Use of Serious Games in the Education of Engineers
Jannicke Hauge, Borzoo Pourabdollahian, Johann Riedel
Integrating Competence Management into a Coupled Project-System Design Management
Arz Wehbe, Christophe Merlo, Véronique Pilniere
Model of Skills Development at the Operational Level Applied to the Steel Industry
Ulysses Moreira Filho, Pedro Oliveira Costa Neto

Human Factors, Quality and Knowledge Management

Success Factors for PDCA as Continuous Improvement Method in Product Development
Eirin Lodgaard, Inger Gamme, Knut Aasland
Supporting Production System Development through the Obeya Concept
Siavash Javadi, Sasha Shahbazi, Mats Jackson
Measurement, Classification and Evaluation of the Innovation Process and the Identification of Indicators in Relation to the Performance Assessment of Company’s Innovation Zones
Peter Kubičko, Lenka Landryová, Roman Mihal, Iveta Zolotová
The Internet of Experiences – Towards an Experience-Centred Innovation Approach
Stefan Wellsandt, Thorsten Wuest, Christopher Durugbo, Klaus-Dieter Thoben
Innovating a Business Model for Services with Storytelling
Morten Lund
Business Strategy and Innovativeness: Results from an Empirical Study
Gündüz Ulusoy, Gürhan Günday, Kemal Kılıç, Lütfihak Alpkan
International R&D and Manufacturing Networks: Dynamism, Structure and Absorptive Capacity
Patricia Deflorin, Maike Scherrer-Rathje, Helmut Dietl

Innovation in Products and Services in Developing Countries

Building a Conceptual Model for Analyzing Sustainability Projects Aiming at Technology Transfer: A Terminological Approach
Deise Santos Oliveira, Irenilza Alencar Nääs, Ivo Júnior, Oduvaldo Vendrametto
Finding Optimal Resources for IT Services
Sumit Raut, Muralidharan Somasundaram
Development of Engineering Competencies in Brazil and Innovation Policies, an Overview of the Automotive Sector
Renato Perrotta, Oduvaldo Vendrametto
Holistic Vision of Sustainability in the Production Chain in Oil Exploration Pre-Salt Layer
Alessandro Silva, Mônica Carniello, José Silva
Applicability of Risk Process in Software Projects in Accordance with ISO 31.000:2009
Marcelo Nogueira, Ricardo Machado



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